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7 days of breakfasts on a round the world business trip

Sylvia Metayer

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Managed to go to Asia, the US and back & stayed compliant. Breakfast was the hardest and most puzzling 

Sunday ( Paris, last day at home ) : watermelon/tomato/ olives/ basil salad in a jacket potato, with a side of cold turkey ... my husband loves me despite my weird american diets - he eats a Sunday croissant

Monday ( On plane to Singapore) : asked for the vegan option - wind up eating fruit salad only - hungry!

Tuesday ( hotel in Singapore - 5 am local time - nothing open) banana + apple + cashews / cranberry trail mix at the 24/7 exec lounge : surprisingly filling 

Weds ( at embassy ) - steamed fish and chard made to order - hold the soy and peanut oil - love the VIP life! 

Thursday (business meeting at San Francisco airport) - coffee... black.. lots of ... nothing else works for Whole30... worse day of the week

Friday ( Hotel in NYC) - salmon, grilled tomatoes , avocado ... lovely breakfast. Am in a great mood until I see the bill 

Saturday ( In DC at my sister’s) - two boiled eggs + bacon and orange slices - my sister the doctor is dead set against diets but notices nothing...bacon is organic so hopefully compliant 

Sunday ( finally home in time for brunch ) ... - no shopping done in my absence find leftover sauerkraut + ham - my husband eats chocolate brioche and apparently still loves me!!!





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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

Hello! Great job staying on track while traveling. One thing I do while traveling in case I cannot find any compliant food while traveling is to bring items with me. You can actually bring lots of items in your carry-on as long as it is not liquid or if it is it fits in your liquid back requirement by TSA. You can pack food in your suitcase that you check. Nut butter packets, meat sticks, olive packets, canned tuna or chicken, fruit, and nuts are great options, too.

What day are you on?

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