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On my way to Sweet Potato Fries


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So here I am on day 6 of the W181 and I have started noticing some funny things going on around me...

1. Have you've ever seen anyone workout with their IPad? B/C I did ! I couldn't believe that this crazy woman ,actually working out on a machine with an I Pad.... Think about it?!?

2. Amazingly - no one seems to know that I am on this journey... Even though I keep talking about it... I keep talking , no one is listening.

3. The good..... I found myself, today, at the "I want to kill you" stage and asked my husband to go to the store to get sweet potato fries.. Which he did... When I baked them up - everyone was excited but me.... I took one small bite and said no thanx

So many other things going on, but I am supremely proud of myself...

I listened to my body instead of my "carbie" mind.

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