Husband is still exhausted at day 14, Help!

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It’s day 14 and I am doing okay, but my husband who is also committed is really struggling with energy levels. He is a construction worker so he does use a lot of every during the day, but he is getting a lot of nutritious food. He eats at least two eggs and some veggies in the form of egg veggies muffins, he’ll eat 3-4 of those a day and a banana. For lunch he eats 2-3 lettuce wraps with guacamole, crock pot chicken breast, bell peppers, salsa, and whole 30 ranch, and an apple and almond butter and for dinner we eat meals with lots of protein and some carbs usually in the form of potatoes or just lots of veggies. I have done my best to make sure he’s getting a lot of good food but he’s like a zombie when he gets home from work. He also has been struggling with diarrhea since halfway through week one. Any insight???

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I don't think he's probably eating enough, especially considering his line of work.  Eggs when they are the sole source of protein in a meal are as many as you can hold in one hand without dropping... somehow I figure he can hold more than 2 and the amount of veggies in an egg muffin is going to be negligible... we recommend 2-3 cups of veggies per meal.  He also has no fat with breakfast the way you've written it.

I suspect the lettuce wraps are also not enough and I would suggest eating more veggies and fat.

Dinner doesn't sound like it has fat either.

Remember, portions are based on each person's metric so a palm of protein for him is maybe bigger than a palm of protein for you... if he's working very hard during the day, much like a workout, we would also recommend he probably throw a fourth meal or two mini meals in there somewhere - he shouldn't be a zombie....


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