Paleo after Whole30?

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The best thing about doing the Whole30 and reintroduction is that you find out exact what foods work for you and what foods don't so instead of picking a 'paleo' or other named program, you get to make a 'WholeAMG23' that fits your own context perfectly.  Does that mean that it could be close to Whole30 or paleo?  Sure, but because you've done this experiement, it will fit you best.

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I plan to go paleo with potatoes, but as SugarcubeOD says above, that's based on my own experiences and experiments after doing 2 previous W30 rounds, and really digging down into the different ways of eating. Paleo works for me because I don't miss grains, can have the occasional dairy, and try to avoid processed food (save when I'm really off the deep end). Paleo is definitely the closest to W30, W30 is basically super strict paleo + potato

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This is what is so great about the Reintroduction Phase of the Whole30! YOu will find your Food Freedom and what makes you feel yucky but may be worth it in the moment and what makes you feel yucky and is NOT worth it.  I follow a mostly Whole30 lifestyle after doing 4 successful Whole30s over the past 2.5 years.  I find that most grains (including rice and farro but not including quinoa) make me feel bloated so I stay clear of them always.  But, I find I LOVE chocolate now that I have taken a step back from drinking for the past 1.5years so I allow myself to indulge when I want without OVERindulging.  You will find your food freedom over time, know it will take time and be patient and listen to your body.  Keeping a diary can help with all of this :)

Good luck and don't stress about "paelo" or "keto" diets just eat what makes you feel healthy and happy! 

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