March 9th start after a wedding weekend

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Hello, after talking to a few friends who loved this (but for some reason don't do it now in any way) husband and I are starting March 9th.   this will fit in nicely with the last 31 days of Lent!

We are going to start slowly introducing to Whole 30, so that total removal from my favorite bread/pasta/rice/lentils/chickpeas/flour/wine and chocolate is not a system shock. I have a question for those with medical knowledge.   I have just been diagnosed with gallstones, and on reading see that there is some thought that says that constant diet changes, (I have done cabbage soup diet/carb free diet/atkins/optavia yada yada yada) can be a cause of gallstones - comments??   

Also would like to hear from folks who have done this after gallbladder removal, as this is probably my next step (shame its not heavy that would help with weight loss heh hehe he) were you ok with the plan? thanks!

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