Alcohol Throughout Reintroduction?

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My husband and I are almost to the halfway point, and we are trying to plan our re-introduction. We're big wine drinkers and we work in the industry, so skipping the Friday night bottle of wine with dinner has been a challenger but we're going to make it through. I've read through the reintroduction recommendations and plan to stick with them. I understand that we can start with reintroducing wine on day 31 which is what we plan to do before hopping back on Whole30 for the next 2 days. My question is... if we don't see negative effects from that first glass of wine, are we able to continue to have a glass of wine throughout the rest of the reintroducton period (only on the days we're not 100% compliant, reintroducing other food groups)? The reason I ask is that one of the suggestions on the website says to have a beer with dinner for the gluten day... which leads me to believe that moderate alcohol is allowed on the other reintroduction days. 

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There's a number of well-known tips and tricks on how to stop drinking: In your case, it shouldn't be too difficult, I think, considering you just want to control your drinking for a certain period!

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