Day 13 - so so nauseous and no appetite - will this pass?

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Hi there whole 30iers!

i am on day 13 of my 2nd Vegetarian whole 30. (I completed, and really enjoyed my first one about 1.5 years ago) this time round, things started off great and I was feeling very smug and and like I was experiencing some lovely early tiger blood action. THEN 2 days ago I started feeling nauseous and completely lost my appetite and it’s just gotten worse over the last few days. Currently I can only stomach fruit and a little potato. This is very weird for me and I actually took a pregnancy test yesterday... as I have only ever felt like this when I was pregnant (I’m not pregnant now!) I found a forum chain from 2013 (tagged below) with a bunch of people describing very similar experiences, all taking place around day 12 -14. What I couldn’t find is whether anyone made it out the other side? I’d love to know if anyone else has ever experienced this and if there’s a light at the end of the tunnel? I really want to push though and keep going, but just feel so gross so am starting to think my body is just not up for it this time round. The other issue is that I am really struggling with sleep (I don’t have great sleep anyway- a 3 year old who still wakes at night and a husband who works unsociable hours and is yet to master the art of tiptoeing) however, I normally get what I need. full discloser... I usually have a glass of wine at night to unwind and I imagine not having this is what’s interrupted my sleep so much. The sleep I can handle... the nausea and the lack of desire to eat anything is going to defeat me. So... I would love to hear from anyone who has experienced something similar and how they handled it! Thanks!




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What have you been eating? Are you following the Meal Template closely? 

Regarding your sleep, alcohol may seem to put you to sleep but your overall sleep will be less restful and interrupted. 

If you can give us a few days of what and how much you've been eating each day, we may be able to offer suggestions. 

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