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Short version: Anyone stayed on the Whole30 for a lot longer? Advice about keeping up momentum?

Long version:

Hi all, I am 6 days post-Whole30.  When I informed my doctor about what I was doing, she thought I should try to stay Whole30 compliant for 90 days.  Midway through Whole30 that sounded like an easy and great idea.  (note: she didn't know much about W30, except what I told her and I don't have any diagnosed medical conditions that might truly warrant her suggestion).

I have been planning to stay W30-compliant for 90 days but I am finding myself in a weird situation. I feel like the W30 was fairly easy for me and I didn't have a lot of true cravings or moments of weakness in the beginning.  If anything, it got mildly harder towards the end.  Still, after rounds and rounds of other programs aimed at weight loss, the Whole 30 was "easy" for me.  My husband was compliant with me for 30 days except for alcohol (which doesn't really tempt me anyway).  He is now doing his own thing with reintroduction which means I have lost my buddy even though he is still supportive.  

I am feeling like my cravings are stronger, I am grumpy a lot, I am disinterested in food but hungry, and I have fallen off the wagon for meal planning.  I am looking for advice for getting back the momentum I had in the 30 days and also for thoughts about reintroducing some foods.  Of course I want to reintroduce all the trigger foods more than the healthier foods that probably won't bother me!  But, I know I can remain strong and start with something like rice.  I just need support and some advice, I guess.

Thanks for reading!

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I'm on day 31 and plan on staying for at least 60.  I did weigh myself today not really sure why.  I'm sure to just to confirm I lost weight.  I have found myself being cranky at night too. 

I don't have any idea how to introduce foods sorry.  I feel like it's not a good idea for me right now .  Maybe look at why are you doing 90 days, what is YOUR motivation?   Mine is I have a really sensitive stomach.  My journey started  day after I came home form Roatan, Honduras after spending a week drinking and eating whatever I wanted.  I spent most of my mornings either in the bathroom or looking for one.  I've been eating very clean for over 10 years but the past couple years have just been laxed and I put on 15lbs. and always felt tired.  I'm feeling really good eating this way.  

I felt bored last week but I read somewhere to look up new recipes to spice this up.  I love to cook so it did reignited my passion.  Good luck and do what makes sense to you. 

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@aentwood it has been about a week since you posted this comment. How are you doing? Hanging in there?

I am curious why your doctor suggested you continue on to a total of 90 days? Do you want to do it or are you just doing it because the doctor said to?  I know that if I am doing something for someone else and it is not my idea, I am less likely to do it. That's my personality though. ;) What was your original why for Whole30? Can you translate that to continuing?

While it is suggested that certain medical situations or other instances may make a Whole90 right for people, that is not always the case!

Would you like some recipe suggestions? You mentioned you are not interested in meal planning. Could you go simpler on your meals? Make a protein, veggies, and a few sauces and mix and match to keep the meals different, but easy to prep.


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In this reintroduction forum, there is a person who opened a new topic on regretting her (or his) Whole30 because she/he is sick throughout her reintroduction.  She wrote this on Thursday and no one responded to her!  I felt so bad that I sent her (or him) a response, but I am no expert (only on Day 28 of the program).  I know that she could use your advice on reintroduction.  Can you please respond to her (or him)?

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