Day 8 looking for support!

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Only day # 8. Struggling to continue. Have body aches and tired. I think I fueled a lot with carbs. Have a temperamental immune system and food allergies. Can’t eat eggs or nuts limiting my choices of foods a bit. Going to read more on this site for encouragement!!

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Carbs aren't necessarily an evil thing, we just have to be smart about how we use them. I found that I need more than the suggested 1 fist-sized serving of starchy veggies daily, and through trial and error learned that my "normal" need is about a half-fist in the AM and a whole-fist in the PM without any starchy veg at all between about 11a and 3p (because otherwise I'm headed toward sedation). My intake has to increase when I'm close to my menstrual week, and then can decrease again afterwards. I also learned that tweaking my macro ratios (as well a few specific foods) seems to help me fine-tune how my diet supports my bipolar meds; so if I start feeling a bit unstable, then I know I can tweak a few things and quite possibly bring things back into a calmer focus.

Regarding nuts, please believe me when I say that not being able to have them isn't nearly as limiting as you might think. I relied too heavily on nuts (specifically nut bars) my first round (and learned the hard way that they're hell on my hormones), so in my second round I skipped nuts entirely... including not using any kind of nut-derived flours, oils, etc. I learned that coconut flour and cassava flour are my friends, that tapioca starch works much better for my family than arrowroot does, and that I can live without nut butter, nut-crusted meat, and so on. I was actually rather amazed at some of the new stuff I was trying, after making the decision that I'd be better off in the long run if I allowed myself to eliminate the nuts for later testing.

For eggs... I'm not a huge fan most days, myself :) I get in the mood for them at times, but I'm usually happy to avoid them, opting instead for dinner leftovers as my breakfast :D 

As far as your physical symptoms go, try to make sure you're getting enough sleep, salting your food, and drinking plenty of water. From my own experience, I'm glad I wasn't afraid to go ahead and take a Tylenol if the pain became too much... I did try to address it naturally first (including calming teas, essential oils rubbed into the aching muscles, etc.) but often found that my body wasn't wanting to respond. I did find that without all the other junk in my system, I was able to dull the pain with about half my normal dose.

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