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So tonight I was about to have shrimp with homemade pesto and zoodles. Upon opening the shrimp package (from Publix seafood market) I noticed on the label it said, "Shrimp contains sodium tripolyphosphate and may contain sulfites and phosphates".  After further research I found that sulfites are often added to shrimp to help maintain its color. Does this mean these particular shrimp fall under the "added sulfites" category? Or is this just something that is typical of all shrimp and not to worry about it? I erred on the side of caution and ended up cooking up scallops instead, but I haven't been able to find a clear answer regarding shrimp in particular.



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I just found some fish that has this listed but it appears in the ingredients list, not as a "may contain". I hear they soak the fish in sodium tripolyphosphate to make it heavier but from what I've read it's not something we want to ever even off whole 30. Should I leave it in the freezer for a later time or should I just return it? 

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For the purpose of the Whole30, sodium tripolyphosphate would not cause a food item to be non-compatible.  However, there are a lot of food additives and preservatives that are not specifically called out in the program that you might not want to include in your own food plan. A lot of people feel this way about, for instance, artificial flavors. For the purpose of Whole30, you can eat this but I would encourage you to do your own more fulsome research if this is an item you think you might want to steer clear of... 

Also, how scammy that they add something unnecessary to fish so that we pay more per ounce/gram than what the fish itself actually weighs... for that reason only, I would steer clear of products with that in them as likely, more high quality and ethical brands may provide products without that additive. 

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