Starting 2/10/2020

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Its been over a year since I first did Whole30, but I am ready to do it again, and make it more of a lifestyle.  Life got in the way and carried me off, so I'm a bit bloaty.  I start tomorrow, Monday the 10th of Feb.  I have my food planned out, and I'm ready to go.  I saw others asking for accountability partners, and I'm not sure how you do that here.  It takes me time to figure out how these forums work.  I happened to see something about W30 no longer liking the use of RX bars, but they have been my preworkout since I started Whole 30 in 2018.  Sugar isn't so much my problem as Cheese is.  LOVE my cheese. Anyhoo. I'm not sure if I said anything wrong here or not.  I am a live and learn kind of gal.  I can read and read and read, and still not quite get it until I experience something. 

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I’m gonna keep updating this post/forum until I figure it out.  Welcome aboard!

 I already had my black coffee, and RX bar.  That’s my norm anyway since my first 2 rounds in 2018. I made my dinner menu and  I’m cooking up some baby gold potatoes in my instant pot this morning for the next 3 days, and will make W30 Mayo, Ranch and chicken chunks later. 


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