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Very Hungry Mommy Food Freedom Journal


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3/7 Reset Day 2

3:30 up with the baby.  And having trouble falling back to sleep

8:00 up with baby alarm.  Time to get my day moving.  Got baby fed and settled.  Diapers rinsed and in the wash.  Now onto breakfast.

10:00 M1 - 2 egg omelette with basil, spinach, baby kale, tomatoes cooked in bacon fat.  5 NS sausage links.  1/2 c strawberries

When I went to toss diapers in the wash I found someone had left us 4 containers of strawberries.  I suspect it was our mail guy.  He’s always bringing us stuff like that.  In the fall it was large brown bags of the most delicious apples!  I was so glad because I had bought strawberries that looked and smelled amazing from Walmart (I never buy produce from Walmart and I was reminded why). Every single strawberry in the Walmart pack was nasty rotten on the inside.  Like  brown and putrid.  Couldn’t even salvage them to make compote.  So having the gift of beautiful sweet non rotting strawberries was a delightful addition to my morning.  Dishes done and kitchen is ready for hubby to build skates.  I’m glad he’s feeling better and able to work again.  

I’m going to track how many compliant days I have in March just as way to keep things in perspective and to identify any potential slides before they find me neck deep in pizza and sundrops or cookies lil Debbies and popcorn.  Ugh speaking of little Debbies… my parents were given about 8 cases that’s anywhere from 15 to 20 boxes per case.  They begged me to take some home.  So I only grabbed the ones I knew my hubby would like, which coincidently I don’t like.  My 13DS also loves them so hubby and my son were thrilled.  I grabbed like 6 boxes… it will take the guys months to eat that many snack cakes so I may freeze some just to see if they stay fresher that way.  Who knows.

  12:45 S1 - 1 banana,  1tbs almond butter,  1 Tbs coconut flakes, sprinkle of cinnamon

I was starving and still over an hour out from being able to stop and make lunch for me.  This snack was quick and easy and quieted my hunger long enough to allow me to get to a stopping point

2:15 M2 - aidells chicken apple sausage sautéed with red and orange bell peppers and some matchstick carrots in ghee and a little coconut aminos.  Steamed snap peas ghee on top upon serving.  

Ah lunch hit the spot and rectified my ill mood.  I’m keeping dishes done as I go to help my mindset a little.  One less thing to worry about while I’m bunkered down with tax stuff.  Maybe tomorrow I will have an opportunity to put a menu together for next week and pull some tasty new recipes.  

Impromptu clean out the fridge… I had all the dishes done and extra space in the dishwasher so I cleared out the fridge, it wasn’t much.  I did those dishes and started the dish washer.  Then I decided to go lay down for 30 min.  It helped reset my very fatigued stressed out brain. 

Hubby offered to take us to dinner… so when I got up I got everyone ready and whipped up a batch of 40aprons.com chick-fil-a sauce to take as a dressing for a salad.  Oh this stuff is so good!  I’ll probably drizzle some on some steamed veggies too.

6:00 M3 - grilled chicken breast steamed broccoli and cauliflower  salad with tomatoes, W30 CFA sauce.

I used about 2 Tbs of the sauce but I put it on my salad my veggies and my chicken.  Talk about taking the dinner up a notch. Yum!  Baby was very animated tonight.  Definitely not a quiet dinner,  I had my hands full but all in all it was a nice dinner out with the family.  I am headed home to a clean kitchen and work.  

Logged 75oz of water today.  Not the 100oz I was aiming for but it’s better than I have been doing.  

Slept from 10:00-11:30 worked until 3:30 am. Watched a little TV with hubby and cuddled went to sleep around 4:45.

Compliant vs non compliant days of March 4:3

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3/8 Reset Day 3


8:30 up with baby.  Back to work.

9:00 M1 - LO chicken sausage with sautéed peppers carrots and steamed sugar snap peas. 1/2 banana

Between work, feeding baby, and a million other interruptions I only managed to eat 1/2 my bowl of food.  I put the rest in fridge for later.  I was feeling taxed and stressed so I’m proud of me for not grabbing the oh so convenient but seriously lacking donuts and lil Debbies for breakfast.  I grabbed my left overs and nuked them in the microwave… not ideal but works in a pinch.  I stayed compliant for another meal. My congestion is almost completely gone along with my stomach bloat. Still a tad gassy but that is quickly diminishing too.  How awesome is that!  I strayed for a few meals and it’s taking me just a few meals to feel better.  I’m not having to go through the whole cycle of kill all the things all over again.  That’s gives me that much more incentive to stay close to the plan as part of my food freedom because when it is worth it to dive on into the pizza or cake or whatever may be worth it I will be able to recover faster if I’ve been good to me and eating wholesome foods that are not laced with those triggers that make me feel bleh.  

So I’m considering carrot cake for my birthday… but now I need to decide if I want the gluten fluffy cake that is certain to make me ill, or to go towards a gluten free cake that would also be suitable for my 11DS I know the latter would make him so happy, and less damaging to my gut.  Hmmm definitely something to consider… maybe GF carrot cake pineapple cupcakes with creamy goat chèvre cheese frosting. Definitely something to ponder.  As for my dinner I’m thinking Japanese steak house.  I love the one near my parents house I typically only go maybe once a year and often around my birthday.  I didn’t go last year so I think I’m due.  Hmmm filet mignon chicken and shrimp with fried rice.  Cake and Japanese steak house are definitely two things on my worth it list for my birthday.

1:30 M2 - the rest of my meal 1 plus some W30 CFA sauce.  Seriously this stuff makes everything better

3:30 S1 - 3 sausage links, 1/2 banana 1/2 c strawberries, 1 Tbs almond butter 1 Tbs coconut flakes sprinkle of cinnamon.  

My lunch was clearly not enough food coupled with stress from work = me in desperate need for a compliant snack that will keep me out of the popcorn and snack cakes.  Things I really don’t want but provide that convenience and distraction.  I realize some of this is stress eating but I don’t have time to unpack this and deal with my reasonings… so I’ll keep the snack compliant and deal with the behavior a little later.  Wish I had some veggies and compliant ranch.  Mental note for next big work push if I survive this one.  I know I’m stressed when my hubby is asking if I’m ok.  

8:30 M3 - grilled chicken breast over bed of greens tomatoes cucumbers and carrots topped with W30 CFA sauce.  

Dinner was eaten while I was working.  I did manage to get baby bathed and in bed at a decent hour amidst the work.

11:30 pm take a break from work to rest my eyes and my wrist and shoulders.  

Comp vs Non Comp days in March 5:3


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3/9 Reset Day 4


3:00am get up to work for a couple more hours.  Hubby offered to take DS17 and DS13 to their classes today if I would get a couple more hours of sleep.  I agreed and turned of the computer at 5am

7am up to get everyone out the door and start work.

9:45 M1 LO sausage and peppers

DS11 heated up some food for me while I worked because I was getting Hangry.  I will instruct him later  on this morning on roasting a chicken so we can have roasted chicken for lunch.  I’m remembering now why I got addicted to soda and energy drinks this time of the year.  

1:15 M2 - roasted chicken with mixed greens drizzled wit W30 CFA and two strawberries

My DS11 used the whole 30 cook book recipe and made a whole roasted chicken for lunch with my supervision (me sitting in the kitchen with my nose in my computer working).  He also made sure I had veggies he decided on salad and he made it pretty with a couple of strawberries.  And he used my compliant dressing.  He is such a sweet boy and so observant and conscientious on the foods others eat and enjoy.  I think that is part just his nature and part his allergies and how they cause him to be ultra aware of others food needs.  It was such a huge blessing to have a delicious meal prepared for me while I worked.  Yeah I think I’m gonna keep this kid of mine!

8:00 M3 - Beef stroganoff recipe from Mary’s whole life.  Butternut squash “noodles” roasted vegetable medley.  

My DS13 and DS11 helped in the kitchen making dinner tonight.  It was slow going but so good.  They also made onion rings that were gluten free, egg free and dairy free. They made them in the air fryer and even my hubby said they were decent.  I did not try them, but I’m also not a huge fan of onions and they were not W30 compliant. My 11DS with the multiple food allergies LOVED them.  That kid loves food!  My 13DS was horrified to learn what all was in the stroganoff as he constructed the recipe.  It’s not earth shattering to normal people mind you.  But he still ate it and decided it was still really really good. 

Well I survived another day of taxes and no vices.  So I think I shall celebrate by doing more taxes.  

Water 85 oz- a slight increase but I can still do better.

Comp vs Non Comp in March 6:3

 - teen boys are learning to cook from scratch delicious wholesome meals 
-I have had the energy and ability to cope in the midst of a lot of work stress
-I am down another belt whole 


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20 hours ago, BabyBear said:

 - teen boys are learning to cook from scratch delicious wholesome meals 
-I have had the energy and ability to cope in the midst of a lot of work stress
-I am down another belt whole 

Awesome!!  I love that you are keeping track of compliant vs not complaint too.  I wish I was doing that, but I have a guilt issue when my eating structure/template and choices suck even when they are compliant.  You don't seem to have that problem. Your meals/pictures look and sound delicious!

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12 hours ago, Amy_Michigan said:

Awesome!!  I love that you are keeping track of compliant vs not complaint too.  I wish I was doing that, but I have a guilt issue when my eating structure/template and choices suck even when they are compliant.  You don't seem to have that problem. Your meals/pictures look and sound delicious!

Oh I have an issue with it too and it is woefully painful!!! And that’s why I journal and track because I don’t like how non compliant sounds in writing.  I would be perfectly happy to steal bites of stuff heat and there and not think twice.  But when it’s in writing oye vey it’s painfully obvious when my little bites here and there add up.  So In the effort to keep the old bad habits at bay and to learn to live with in truly worth it I have to journal it.  It keeps it real for me.  So there’s my confession.  

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3/10 FF Every bite counts


9:30 3 sausage links, 1 apple and 1 Tbs almond butter 

Headed to kids cooking class this morning.  This should be interesting.  They are making drop biscuits something I’ve never attempted to recreate for my son with allergies.  So today is the day because his teacher asked if it was possible.  So we gathered up our supplies and headed off to do some experimenting.  Can I just say I don’t like experimenting with his food hoping it turns out because his ingredients are soooo expensive.  

Hurray! His drop biscuits and goat cheddar bay biscuits also came out lovely.  I was pleasantly pleased.  I also got to lead my sons group and it was a blast.  I love teaching especially in the kitchen.  Lots of math opportunities especially with fractions.  I only wish I had a white board to write on for converting fractions so some of them could have had a visual.  I’m just excited that the biscuits weren’t a bust.  We’ve had some very successful cooking days with boys here lately and I love that.  I did have a very small taste of his biscuits that were gluten free and cow dairy free.  He was so proud how could I refuse him.  This one small bite was worth it!  

1:30 M2 - LO butternut squash noodles and W30 beef stroganoff 

2:00-3:30 nap while baby nap

Now to get my work on.  It’s gonna be a long night

6:30 M3 - grilled shrimp, baked potato with clarified butter, primal golden BBQ sauce, steamed broccoli.  A half of a popcorn shrimp, a bite of my husband’s crunchies.  

I’m not sure why I wanted those two bites, but I did, just a taste and a taste was sweetly satisfying without craving or desiring anything beyond that.  And that is the power of food freedom I have been learning to cultivate.  So the bite of my DS11 first ever biscuit that was gluten free and my two bites at dinner of my husband’s food makes my day non-compliant, but it also showed me I am making progress in the journey of  food freedom.  

Comp vs Non Comp in March 6:4

10:00-11:30 break to snuggle with hubby and watch a show.

Back to work.  

4:45am shower and bed

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3/11 whistle while you work.. well not at a clients office it may irritate them

8:30am up and back to work, need to do laundry and get food in my belly.

9:30 2 eggs scrambled with 4 compliant deli turkey slices seasoned with chili powder and oregano cooked in bacon grease.  1tbs W30 ketchup (so very good). And a handful of grapes.

Oh I need to go shopping we are running out of fresh plant food to eat lol.  I got laundry going. Helped my son with his 4-H project.  Took care of some stuff for a client and rushed out the door with everyone in tow to head to my client in the big city.  Phew I’m exhausted.  I managed to not forget anything and even got lunches for boys packed.

Correction - I forgot my lunch *large eye roll* I grabbed a small bag of pistachio from the convenient market when I stopped to get baby almonds milk.  Nothing else there was compliant and I didn’t have time to look.

2:45 S1 pistachios 

I stopped in at Catos on my way to pick up the boys.  I decided it would be nice to have one pair of jeans that fit me for my birthday weekend coming up.  I was a 16w/18w depending on cut and fit before my January whole 30.  I hesitantly went to the “regular” size of the store and picked out a size 14 to try on.  As well as a cute blouse in a large.  I tried them on and then cried, once I gathered myself together I asked the attendant to get the next size down in both.  The 12 jeans and medium blouse fit beautifully. Omg!  

9:00 home.  Have to put baby to bed and get some food in my stomach.

9:30 M2 - LO butternut squash noodles, beef stroganoff 

I polished off the rest of beef stroganoff and butternut squash noodles.  Oh my was that ever good.  That recipe is just amazing.  I sat on the couch and visited with hubby while I ate.  I decided to go to bed at a decent hour seeing as I have to teach tomorrow I need the rest.

10:45 bed

March Comp Vs. Non Comp 7:4

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3/12 feeling a little less than great

Crazy day… school day always is.  

3:30 S1 - small green apple

8:00 M1 - pulled pork, baked potato CB and Primal Golden BBQ.  

Mmmmm dinner was good.   But I don’t feel good.  My tooth is hurting and it’s causing my glands to swell.  I feel ick.  

9:30pm - oil pulling to help my tooth and swollen glands, apply some essential oils to help with possible infection and others to aid in immune support for good measures and went to bed

March Comp Vs Non Comp 8:4

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3/13 feeling blah


8:30 up with baby, feed him change and get him settled.  Big boys offered to watch him so I could lay back down.  Applied more essential oils and back to bed.

10:30 up tooth is still hurting although not as severe as yesterday, but the swelling in my glands has gone down.  I feel a little better.  Applied more essential oils.

1:30 M1 - fajita salad with tomatoes avocados w30 mayo and W30 ketchup.  

I started getting hangry and snacky.  I managed to avoid the snacking and got lunch going.  Hungry and feeling less than myself is not a good combo.  I need to go to the grocery store this evening, but geesh this tooth has got me feeling like crap.

2:30 - applied more essential oils and lay down for 30 min to give tooth a chance to calm down

7:30 M2 - KFC pot pie, and a sun drop and a chocolate peanut butter no bake cookie

I am feeling considerably better and decided this was worth it.  I enjoyed it thoroughly with out guilt.  Also without wanting more.  I did get snacky later on in the evening… Seems that gluten causes me to be snacky. But I chose not to snack recognizing.  I avoided eating more cookies.  One was all I wanted.  They tasted fantastic, but salty.  It’s interesting how sensitive to salt I have become by removing sugar.  I even double checked my butter wrapper to make sure I didn’t use salted butter. Nope it was just the salt in the peanut butter.  My husband thought I was slightly crazy asking if they were too salty. Lol. 

March Comp vs Non Comp Days 8:5

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3/14 it’s my Skate night


7:30 Got up to get everyone going and ready for the weekend.  Laundry, dishes, packing.  Go out to get gas with hubby.  I popped a piece of chocolate caramel candy in my mouth without thinking and 5 seconds later I realized it and spit it out.  Shook my head at me and managed through my morning.    Minutes later I was stealing a bite of the no bake cookies.  STOP!  Shortly after that a pretzel… really a pretzel.  I was not practicing mindfulness, so I took a few seconds to drink some water then breathe deeply to turn on my mind.  

10:15 out the door to the archery tournament.  I regret not eating a meal before leaving. 

12:30 S1 - chili cheese frito pie.  

So not what it use to be.  I so wish I hadn’t eaten that.  I don’t even know why I did. Maybe because I was getting food for everyone else, I was still dealing with snacky feeling and I missed breakfast.  Ugh.  It seems when I eat gluten it want’s company, more gluten and sugar.  Put up your guard girls its gonna be an interesting few days.  

The kids headed off with my mom and I went and showered and got ready for date night.  We are headed to go to a fantastic reunion skate 3 hours away in Atlanta.  I am sooooo excited.  

12:00am M1 - 5 Grilled chicken tenders, salad greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, Parmesan cheese, 1 TBS BBQ sauce and 1 TBS ranch.  

I did not eat all the sauce.  That’s amazing!  The food was good.  I was hungry.  I also drank 4 bottles of water just during the 3 hours of skating I did.  I skated my booty off.  And I felt AMAZING.  I wore my new jeans I bought and one of my Ladies skate t-shirt that actually fits and looks great with out hugging any lumps.  My hubby teased me that he thought he was going to have to beat the men off me.  It felt so good to skate and feel beautiful and sexy while moving to music.  I did receive a lot of compliments on my skating and my hair from strangers.  Some of our friends I haven’t seen in a few months gushed me with compliments on my weight loss.  I think all this “attention” and “recognition” made it easier to go with a healthier dinner option rather then boneless wings burgers etc that everyone else was getting.  We had about 20 people that came with us to eat after the session.  It was such a great evening out!

March Comp vs Non Comp 8:6

Water 160oz ( half of that was during the skate session)

4:00am Bed

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