Finished Whole 30

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Today is my last day on Whole 30 and I join the group of people for whom Whole 30 didn't do anything for me.  Whilst I was initially frustrated I actually realized that was a good thing, it meant I was already doing all the right things.  I am interested in introducing things back slowly but I am pretty sure the only thing that might be an issue is brown rice.  In lieu of wheat I often eat rice flour and so I am curious about that.  The best thing I learned on this is that no matter what I did my weight was the same so I finally have found the solution to keeping the weight down.  I still want to lose 10 lbs so I will go low carbs, high protein 1200 to 1500 calories a day until I do, then I know I have a great maintenance program.  So it was well worth while.  Just wanted to share.

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