Multivitamins with Reintroduction

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I've finished my Whole30 and want to add dairy back first. I've been using a prenatal that'd Whole30 approved (trying to get pregnant in about 5 months) but I prefer a gummy vitamin from Smartie Pants. When you reintroduce something, should I be concerned about the sugar in the MV? There's less than 4g BUT they are dairy, soy, egg, & gluten free. 


I was planning on doing Dairy first but know that sugar alone typically isn't a HUGE problem unless it's with something else. Might need help from a moderator.  TIA!!

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Sugar reintroduction effects typically fall along the lines of feeling anxious or "sped up", etc. If you increase by too much too quickly, it can definitely lead to headaches and the like. However, less than 4g in a gummy prenatal vitamin probably won't cause you any issue. The part I'd be worried about (for me personally) is that gummy vitamins are like candy for me, so I have to avoid them because it will lead me to wanting gummy bears, gumdrops, etc.

For my own reintroduction, it was rather drawn out and I did start with sugar since I knew there could be sugar in things I introduced later on... maybe consider the gummy itself a reintroduced item, but instead of going back to total compliance before the next item is introduced, just keep taking the gummy if you don't experience adverse reactions.

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