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1 week down!


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One thing I keep thinking is this: why am I counting the days when I am enjoying this and don't want it to stop?

Man, this first week has been really interesting for me. I've been paleo for a year and a half and I'm still learning things about myself!

One very interesting thing that I learned is this: I think that a lot of my past cheats have to do with peer pressure and possibly wanting to not stick out in social situations...

Emphasis on "I think"!

But I have been getting quite a lot of grief for this Whole30 challenge. Why? I have no idea! I am already paleo! Why do they choose to tease me now? I cut out wine, chocolate and cheese... The only things I didn't give up on paleo, and they decide that now is the time to tease me about corn tortillas and bread crumbs? I'm sorry guys, but that boat sailed for me a long time ago! I already know that wheat and corn make me curl up and die! Now, if you tease me about cheese... That's a different story.

Actually, the reason I've been getting so much attention lately is that I am not drinking... That woke them up! And so the self evaluations being projected onto me have begun. Along with the excuses: "but cavemen used to drink fermented fruit and it made them drunk and blah blah blah" That's nice, you keep telling yourself that. However, for me- I'm not drinking because I want to feel a great change in my life. I want to do other things besides drinking. I want to socialize without booze. That sounds brilliant to me! So you have your fermented fruit and I will have my sparkling water and lime.

However, I've also had a lot of people cheering me on! And even had a friend ask me some advice for the Whole30 because she was about to start hers the next day. I love it.

Somethings that are the same:

-I still have my hives and my cold sore, but both seemed to have peaked and don't seem to be getting worse.

-Also, I'm still having nightmares about food. One was at a restaurant where I didn't realize I was cheating until I had taken my first bite and it was too late... But it was like breaded deep friend Chinese food. How would I have missed that? Hmm? The other dream was about my favorite curry place in my neighborhood, where the owner is always really nice and wonderful. Well, in my dream I was furious at him and stormed out of there flipping him off aggressively on the way out. Yikes.

Some things that have changed:

-I keep having restless nights.

-On day 5 I woke up dead tired, which might mostly be because of my cold sore.

-But on day 6 I woke up like "ping!" and was up the whole day! Then I crashed in the evening. But I had no trouble getting out of bed.

-I've started taking my vitamins because I've recently stopped taking birth control, and it interferes with your body's ability to absorb nutrients, yadda yadda. I don't normally take vitamins, but after some research have decided I will for the few months post birth control quitting. The vitamins do not have nasty things that are not Whole30 compliant in them.

Here are my meals for the last few days, to see my previous post go here: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/5649-my-first-whole-30-new-zealand-style

Day 5



Spinach and eggs in coconut oil, topped with organic olive oil


Leftover Thai chicken soup from the night before

Sparkling water with lime at a pub while playing Uno with friends (I even checked the label on the water)


Coleslaw: cabbage, cucumber, carrots, mango, apple cider vinegar, lime juice

Fish tacos: red cod and lettuce wraps with guacamole, home made salsa, and paleo mayo turned into a dressing with cilantro and lime.

Mocktail: sparkling water, apricots, lime juice (I didn't even finish it- it was too sweet, but within the daily allowance of fruit)

Day 6



Spinach and scrambled eggs in coconut oil, topped with organic olive oil


Leftover coleslaw with canned tuna and the leftover paleo mayo dressing


I baked an entire salmon!! It was so big I had to cut it's head off to fit it in the pan! I feel so awesome! With dill, chilves, and lemon.

Broiled zucchini and eggplant ribbons

Sauteed kale (a rare thing to find here in New Zealand)

Day 7



Scrambled eggs with spinach, bell peppers cooked in coconut oil and half an avocado, topped with organic olive oil


Leftover salmon and kale


Salmon stack: sweet potato patty (just sweet potatoes, an egg, shallots and spices) on top of a bed of rocket salad (arugula in America), an avocado, then the leftover salmon, and then topped with a paleo mayo blended up with dill, chives, and lemon

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