My Lenten Whole30, I'll call it my WholeLent

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  • 2 weeks later...

Week 1

I thought this would be easier, but, unfortunately, no. I stick to the rules, but not to the recommendations: too much fruit, four or five meals per day, and some snacks.

Wednesday was my birthday and we found a suitable place for my birthday dinner. I asked all about my food, but I ended up looking at my plate and thinking if they would tell the truth or not.

NSV: I'm not a cook person, but I realize how good I feel when I cook something healthy. I love making my homemade mayonnaise, then, when anxiety appears, I put some mayo on a carrot.

It was a nice first week :)

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Week 2

I am happy to confirm that the same thing happens to me than to many other Whole30ers. This week my article of support has been this:

I thought this time I would not have "dreams", but just today I woke up and a beautiful puff pastry filled with a very attractive strawberry cream was still in my mind ...

My digestive system is in that difficult phase of adjustment, my belly has behaved as if I had an "alien" inside: unusual noises and movements ... but it happened to me once before. And now I decided to listen to the "enough is enough" that my body subtly expresses: I started using a smaller plate, only half an orange instead of two, only one egg instead of three ... a little less of everything, and It seems like I don't need as much to have enough energy during the day.

Struggling week

NSV: At other times I have gone through some anxiety about not knowing what to cook, but thanks to a publication I read last year, I decided that I would not let that affect me this time. I've been repeating basically the same three main dishes so as not to add any more pressure to my planning ... I've been eating just "picadillo" (ground beef and vegetables cooked in a tomato sauce), ceviche (fish, onion, tomato, chiles, cilantro, and lemon), tuna and vegetables soup, I vary the garnishes ...and Voila!... Happy with that :)


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