I think there was a tiny bit of hummus in my salad dressing


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I am traveling for work this week. I did my due diligence and checked every restaurant in town, called some places, etc. There are two really great salad spots by my office and we ordered lunch from one of them. I went and checked the ingredients on the website, although they don't list all the ingredients they do list if there is soy, dairy, gluten, etc. Then I found a forum where someone had emailed the company to ask and the dressing I got was believed to be whoel30 compliant. I'm only on day 7, I've been SO good so far, and I started to get a little bit of a headache this afternoon. Upon some deeper digging, I think the dressing I got might have had a TINY bit of hummus mixed in it. I know even a tiny lick is supposed to start you over, but if this was a tiny portion of my meal, does this negate everything I've done? I can't really start over because if I add a week I'll bump my whole 30 into a vacation. 


Signed, a sad patron. 

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11 minutes ago, NNbh1263 said:

I started to get a little bit of a headache this afternoon.

Oh that sucks!

You definitely have to ask for each thing you eat because some items disallowed on the program are not captured in the allergens.  That said, i think you've answered your own question - it sounds like maybe you're having a reaction to legumes with the headache.. and unfortunately our body doesn't know if we accidentally or intentionally ate something that it doesn't like.

By the time you get to the end and think about adding that week to make it a full 30 days, you might be okay with that, even tho it's on vacation... some people feel so good that they don't want to jeopardize their good feeling by going off plan on vacation (plus, we really recommend you do the reintros so it sounds like maybe the timing is a bit tight anyway?).

That said, if you decide to go off for the vacation, you'll be in a great position after your vacay to come back to the program and start again... who knows, it might be a perfect way to get to feeling great after holiday again and you'll be so good at the meal prep and label reading that doing it a second time after your vacation will be a walk in the park!

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Before you spend much more time stressing about it, call the restaurant. Say that you had a reaction to something in the dressing and you need the list of ingredients. Then you'll know for sure. 

Hummus sounds like an odd thing to put in a dressing. Tahini (which is sesame seed paste), sure...I've put that in my own dressings to make it creamy. 

It's also possible that you've been stressing yourself out over this and gave yourself a headache. So give them a call and find out for sure. 

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