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Increased Blood Pressure???


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I am hoping one someone can help with this question. Has anyone else had an increase in blood pressure on this program? My typical blood pressure for most of my adult like is around the 122/78  range. 

During the second week of the program I had to go to my allergist for fluid in my ears and it was 148/90


Today is day 22 and while at the Dentist they took it and it was 140/90. 

The only thing I have really changed is following the Whole 30 plan, and have begun doing a more intense HIIT exercise program.


I am almost 51, 5’71/2” and weighed 135 before starting the program. My diet prior was oatmeal for breakfast, protein bar, apple for lunch, almonds mid day, dinner varied from a purchased lean cuisine meal, to a tuna sandwich to roasted veggies with protein to pizza and chips. I always smacked a lot after dinner and binged on popcorn and sugary junk like hot tamales, Hershey’s kisses, fruit snacks, cake etc. (the evening issues is why I went on the program) 


I do feel I am salting food more, but thought I was just used to the sodium levels of processed foods. 

i am seeing some other benefits, like better deeper more restful sleep and easier to wake up, but still having some headaches, crankiness and fatigue...no tiger blood yet! I just assumed it was taking me longer because of all the processes crap I ate. But the blood pressure is a concern for me. I just had a complete blood panel and physical in December and everything was normal, including my blood pressure. 

My husband and I have already decided to keep going after the 30 days, but I am a bit discouraged at this point. 


Paula Buhrmann

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