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Smoothies with meals?


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Hi There -

So due to timing constraints and the inability to eat the right amount veggies inthe morning - trust I tried it's really hard, I've instituted a smoothie with breakfast. The smoothie has a healthy fat and greens: mixed berries, spinach (1.5 cups), mint, and coco milk OR straw/banana/nut butter/spinach/almond milk ( I only do this one twice a week as it's a bit sweeter). I do these two smoothies (one of them) with either 1 hard boiled egg and a full sausage OR 2 hard boiled eggs and half a sausage. 

My question is, is this kosher for Whole30? Everything is compliant, I know how Melissa feels about smoothies but I felt if I actually paired it with something I'm eating and I'm actually getting more than I typically do for breakfast. When I have to eat protein, veggies (the right amount) and a healthy fat - it's very hard for me to get through all of it. Thoughts on how I'm trreating smoothies for this? 

OH and I do not have smoothies on weekends because I cook breakfast, I'm not on the go, and I can spend my time eating it. 


Thank you! 

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