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First whole30 was a SUCCESS!


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I finished my first whole30 yesterday and I couldn't be happier! It's such an amazing feeling. Here are the benefits I gained from completing a whole30...

-I lost 15 lbs

-Migraines are GONE (usually get them 1-2/week)

-Anxiety is GONE (used to have frequent anxiety attacks)

-Skin is more clear/smooth/hydrated, usual acne is gone

-MORE energy!

-Much better sleep

-I'm happier than I was before I started my whole30, that's for sure.

-I no longer crave junk food. Not one bit!

I'm going to continue to eat this way indefinitely. There is no other way for me but this way! So thankful for Melissa & Dallas and their amazing site/forum.

PS - If I can complete a whole30, ANYONE can complete a whole30!


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