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Erin’s food and vibes diary 2/29


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Intro whole 30 eating (yesterday) 

 For breakfast I had two eggs cooked in ghee, 2 cups sautéed kale with rosemary, curtido and a cup of  black coffee. For dinner I ate salmon and Brussel sprouts sautéed with onion garlic and bacon. I didn’t eat lunch. 

Actual day one (today)

woke up feeling fresh and ready for the day. Breakfast was the same as yesterday plus an orange. Lunch will be a huge bowl of Italian beef and cabbage soup . Dinner will be a top sirloin with a sweet potatoe and sautéed mushrooms with garlic and onions cooked in ghee. 

Tomorrow im going to up my eggs to three for breakfast. 

Time to make my soup!:D


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Day three

Fell asleep quickly last night and slept all through the night. I am feeling a wee bit tired though.  Went on a quick hike outside this morning! It’s a beautiful sunny day! Felt good to get outside. :) Breakfast was three eggs, broccoli, kale  and coffee. Lunch will be more beef Italian soup and an orange. Dinner I will have roasted chicken, baked potatoe and garden salad. 


feeling slightly tired, very thirsty for water last three days and didn’t snore last night like usual.

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Thanks @BabyBear, I appreciate the support! 

Day three(yesterday was day two*)

I slept really well last night! Apparently I did snore,  but I feel much more rested today compared to yesterday.

Yesterday I felt tired and had low energy. I had thoughts of eating a non compliant meal but powered through. The fact that I had this log waiting for me gave me a reason not to give up so easily.

After spending my whole morning grocery shopping and cooking I am going to chill out and relax before work tonight. :) 

Breakfast: bacon, kale, sweet pot hash, salmon & tuna cakes, w30 Cajun mayo, one sunny side up egg, dill and lemon wedge. (Freaking awesome meal) 

lunch: small salmon, shrimp, garlic ghee sauce and asparagus.

Dinner: Italian beef and cabbage soup.

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Day four

woke up feeling SUPER groggy and not hungry at all. I powered through and ate breakfast anyways. 

Breakfast: two eggs, kale, bacon, sweet pot, one orange, and chai tea. 

Lunch: salmon salad with mixed greens, sautéed peppers and onions and cherry tomatoes 

Dinner: italian beef and cabbage soup

updates: feeling tired and groggy. Still sleeping well. I feel like I can smell and taste things better? Super weird. I’m blown away, The skin on my hands looks the best I’ve seen it in 5 months,(eczema) almost looks like normal skin. I have not had any indigestion or gerd issues since eating this way. I’m really happy I’m doing a whole 30 right now! :) 

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