Mayo recipe - with garlic?

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I always used mustard powder for my mayo, not prepared mustard. I'm not sure if that helps or not. I also routinely added some zest in the form of 1/2 tsp garlic powder and a dash or two of black pepper. If I was making it for a specific reason, I might add more garlic or pull in other herbs/spices as well... but if using it for a dressing, I'd make my usual mayo, then tweak a portion of it for the dressing.

To make mine, I sort of combined the ingredients from this recipe and the method from this one. Once it was made, I just tasted and added stuff (keeping track of what and how much) until it was something I'd enjoy (I typically despise mayo). The next time I made it, those tweaks were put in as part of my base before I blended anything.

All that said, though, there's also this Caesar dressing recipe that specifies mustard powder in the ingredients (as opposed to the one I found that calls for Dijon), so maybe that'll give you something to work from/with.

Good luck :) 

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You can really add pretty much anything to a homemade mayo. Just add it and blend again. Done.

For a Caesar salad dressing, this is what I would do:
Make your own homemade mayo, the usual way.
Add a little bit more oil afterwards (you don't want it as thick as a mayo), one garlic clove, 2-3 anchovies, and a teaspoon of mustard (I prefer Dijon, but you can use whatever you like or have at han). Also add salt, pepper & lemon juice to taste.
And blend again.

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On 4/28/2020 at 3:11 AM, stream26 said:

Check out lacto-fermented mayo. It increases the shelf life from a couple days to a couple weeks. Basically, add whey culture and let it go for 7 hours before refrigerating.

Whey would not be whole30 approved given it's a dairy byproduct.

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