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Day 17 - Really discouraged and acid reflux pain occurring

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Hi there, 

I'm curious about something, I was okay up until last week when I got a pretty bad sore throat and cramping/bloating (not near my cycle - sorry tmi). I started taking digestive enzymes this weekend but it seems the sore throat is persistent (no I am not sick, I went to the doctor to make sure I didn't have whole30 googles on). I read there is a lot of acid reflux problems when getting on Whole 30 and I was taking Prilosec in October (I stopped by Thanksgiving). I'm not feeling the benefits anymore and it's very frustrating to deal with this every day. I'm about to quit to be honest as I didn't have this many issues prior to whole 30. 


is there anything at all that can help me out here? Meals below.


Breakfasts': Egg/Chicken Sausage muffins with Spinach + smoothie with cocomilk (full fat)/strawberries/bananas or 2(x) hard boiled eggs, full chicken sausage, smoothie (spinach/nut butter/blackberries/strawberries/almond milk/banana) 

Lunches: Sweet n sour chicken with carrot and onion/ grilled turkey breast w/ compliant ketchup and roasted carrot/ turkey meatballs with compliant tomato sauce/ citrus halibut (from the book mhmmm)/ chicken lettuce wrap tacos with guac and mild salsa 

Dinner: citrus halibut (from the book mhmmm)/ chicken lettuce wrap tacos with guac and mild salsa / chipotle whole 30 compliant carnitas meal 


It seems to occur after tomatoes or peppers. I'm worried I need to give up garlic/onions/peppers/tomatoes/nut butter/citrus? Is there anything else outside of the digestive enzyme I could take - just started taking it on sunday so it might not be affecting me yet. 


Thank you for any help. 

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