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Is Whole30 good for a 170lb/17%bf male?


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Hey guys,

So I've been doing a lot of research for myself to see if a Whole30 program would be right for me. I'm 170lb, about 17% body fat and very active - being a Personal Trainer and doing Crossfit workouts 4x a week.

Here are my two concerns:

1) Since a lot of foods are eliminated, will I lose muscle and look like a skinny-fat? 

2) My ongoing fitness goals: I'm looking to build muscle and size. Any advice for someone going into this program for bulking?

Since turning 32, I've been having dietary issues and was wondering if I have a food intolerance I'm unaware of (thinking cheese or gluten.) This is one of the reasons why I'm curious about this program.

Thanks in advance and excited to learn more!


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