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Fruit Consumption

Barry Matthews

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I am new to Whole30.  I started 40 days ago but, unknowingly, on day 18 had cheese on a vegetable plate at a restaurant so had to start over.  Oh well.  

I may have a potential dilemma: I have always been a big fruit and veggie consumer. But unfortunately, also a soda-holic (at least eight 20 oz. bottles a day) and a very big bread eater and candy snacker.  In the 50 days, I have had no soda and no bread/grains at all and other then the cheese, I have met all other 'rules' as I know them.  However, I do consume 2-3 bananas daily at least 3-4 times a week and 3-5 oranges daily 3-4 times a week (oranges from my own back).  I have consumed fruit in these quantities for years. 

So my question is this - because fruit is on the menu, and I am not using then to replace my sweet tooth, is it ok to continue as is or should I reduce my fruit intake?  

Thanks - Barry

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The meal template, including the recommended servings of fruit, is just a recommendation, not a rule. You could eat nothing but fruit for 30 days and technically would have done a whole30, though we obviously wouldn't recommend that.

If you feel good, and you're meeting whatever goals you have, you can just keep going. If you feel like you're using fruit to avoid eating vegetables, or because you're craving sweets, or you feel like the fruit might be messing with your blood sugar, maybe you'd want to think about cutting back for a while and see if it makes a difference. 

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