Tiger Blood Day 28

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My tiger blood JUST set in and it's day 28! I'm not complaining because I'm training for a 10k #notarunner and I'm in the heat of my program, BUT I wish it had set in earlier. Did anyone else have this problem? I know I ate a lot of fruit the first week because I was dehydrated and craving that cold refreshing flavor, but I've been pretty darn consistent (except crazy days where working out, running to classes, and volleyball practice render me starving and I'm 2 larabars deep). I definitely want to do the Whole30 again, but I don't want to wait so long for this feeling! HELP!

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Hey Selene,

Congrats on making it through to see big results!  This is my first time so I am not an expert but like anything our bodies adapt and it wouldn’t surprise me if Tiger Blood comes sooner the next go around.  Admittedly my intention is to keep eating clean after I get through this W30+ anyway and fix other things in life... like getting back into the distance running shape you mentioned. ;).

You mentioned you were dehydrated your first week: did this just disappear naturally or did you do something to assist with that?


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