Slow Roll Reintroduction - Nausea?

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I did Whole 30 in January. I was very pleased with the program, complied 100% and felt great. Fast forward to re-introduction, I decided to do slow roll reintroduction. Had a little red wine 1x a week for the first two weeks, felt fine. Now I'm 65 days into eating mostly Whole 30, and eat dairy, grains, added sugar, alcohol, legumes usually 1-2x a week only when it's worth it (food freedom). However, I've run into major issues that didn't exist pre-Whole 30. For example; I had two small pieces of pizza on Friday night. All weekend I felt terrible; sharp stomach pain, abnormal loose BM, and worst of all constant nausea. It is Monday morning and I am still incredibly nauseous. I could hardly eat anything yesterday it was so bad. I need to break out diary / gluten separately to see which is the problem, but I was wondering if any experienced these kinds of symptoms?

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Dairy in general causes fairly severe indigestion for me, starting with heartburn 10 minutes after eating and ending with nausea, bloating, and constipation. Gluten treats me a little bit better, but it's still not something I like to mess about with all the time. It's possible for me to deal several days with the repercussions of eating things that attack my system, and it's very noticeable because there's not a constant state of distress involved so I can really tell when something does go out.

All of that said, it's also entirely possible that you're dealing with more than just food-related reactions. If you have nausea that has held on for several days, especially if nothing seems to help it, then I'd honestly say it's worth a talk with the doctor to make sure it's not an illness causing (or exacerbating) the symptoms.

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