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Plant-Based "Meats"


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Looking for suggestions on plant-based meat options.  We are in the midst of Lent and my spouse does not eat fish so trying to find an alternative for him for meals when the rest of us are eating fish.  I know impossible burger is out (pea protein) and beyond burger is out (soy).  Since we are not vegetarians not sure of what other options are available at the stores. Any suggestions?

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Eggs, veggie patties, mushroom burgers, etc.

Nutritional yeast is often used in vegetarian diets to increase protein values, and it mixes quite well into broths, scrambled eggs, any mashed veggie blend, etc.

Hemp seeds are a good meatless protein source that can also be added to foods.

Here are a few links that might be helpful (just remember to skip any honey/sweeteners, if they're listed):

Good luck :) 

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The Impossible meats could possibly be in now...just got an email saying that "most" peas are allowed. 

Peas: Yes.

Green peas, yellow peas, split peas, sugar snap peas, and snow peas are an exception to the “no legume” rule per a rule change in 2020.

Pea Protein: Yes.

100% green or yellow pea protein is acceptable on the program. Pea protein is often used by functional medicine providers since it’s gentle even for sensitive patients (those with GI issues or a host of allergies/intolerances) and is considered a “hypoallergenic” protein source. However, many vegan protein blends also include other grains like rice, and/or have added sugar, sugar alcohol, or artificial sweeteners. Pea proteins that also contain off-plan ingredients are NOT compliant.

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