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I’m on day 15 of my Whole30. I’m pretty sure I caught whatever nasty cold my husband had or picked something up at work (I work in an ER). Anyone else have this issue? I usually use natural remedies before I take medicine, but majority of those have ingredients that are not Whole30. Any recommendations? 

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I got sick during my most recent reset, and focused mostly on using totally compliant teas alongside compresses, vapor treatments, etc. I also used OTC meds to reduce my fever and deal with any body aches. I'll be honest here, I had to move on to prescriptions at one point because it hit me so hard and dropped into my chest as bronchitis... which brings me to the point of saying that doctor's orders trump Whole30 rules, so I felt no guilt whatsoever about coloring outside the lines for medications to make me feel a little bit less like death warmed over ;) My doc was on board for me using herbal remedies first, but we always had a backup plan.

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