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Mentos Sugar Free gum


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I am nearing the end of my Whole30, although I don't see me changing back to old eating habits, instead perhaps incorporating other foods slowly and on a limited scale.  I did not do the Whole30 to lose weight.  I am not overweight.  I did it to improve my eating habits.  On the way, my diabetic wife did it with me and she had discovered that she does not need to take all of the medications she was taking to control her diabetes and her doctor is ecstatic over her progress.  That alone has me ready to stay with Whole30 just to support her, if for no other reason.

Now, here is my question.  As part of the Whole30 I had to give up something that I do everyday.  I ride my bike about 10 miles to and from work most days, and when I don't ride, I run.  When I exercise I like to chew Mentos sugar free gum as it helps keep my mouth wet.  For the Whole30 I read that anything sweet had to be eliminated, so I have gone without it.  And, to be clear, my biggest food trigger is sweets.  I love ice cream and cake!  And I know that, despite my active life that keeps me from being overweight, too much of those foods are not good for me, and with my wife's success, I am ready to leave them behind.  But am I at risk if I reintroduce the Mentos sugar free gum for exercise?  I appreciate any guidance I can get on this topic.


G-Man (aka - Chuck)

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Morning! Well done, you two! So glad to hear that your wife reduced or eliminated medications! 

The only way to know if mentos sugar free gum bothers you or your sugar-cravings is to try it out and see how you feel. Watch for increased cravings or slow slippery slides towards other sweeter items. I would suggest that there is no real difference in your case for regular vs reduced sugar gum - they just replace the sugar with other chemicals, it'll still be quite sweet - so try both and see what works for you.

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