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Day 19: Hello!


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Hi All! I have had "do Whole30" on my resolutions list for two years now and I am so excited I am finally doing it. Navigating eating out, explaining to friends, and avoiding bad habits has been a very interesting experience. I am on Day 19 and have been reading the Food Freedom Forever book in tandem (thus just now finding out about this forum). I am personally struggling with substituting fruits and nuts to fill salty and sweet cravings. I realize I could be "too far gone" this far in, but does anyone have any tips or tricks for dealing with this? I am wondering if maybe I am not eating enough at mealtime? Shoutout to everyone on this journey and thanks in advance for comments, kind words, and constructive criticism!

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The one way I've overcome wanting things I shouldn't have is to splurge a little.  I know, spending more money isn't the best answer, but I'm glad I've lost the weight I have, and I really think the money would've been spent anyhow, just differently, and for things that DID NOT help me lose weight!

Already shelled pistachios, easy peasy to dump on a napkin on my desk to snack on.

Tomatoes on the vine, so much more tastier (is that correct grammar:P?) than others.

I stopped caring how much that little package of raspberries is, because if I didn't have them, I might not be able to turn down what was brought in by a co worker.

Good Luck and congrats on your journey so far! :)



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