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My husband and I finish our first Whole30 tomorrow and we do plan on doing the reintroduction process obviously.  One question/ concern we have is that we use to take preworkout before our morning workouts.  We do want to see if we are tolerant of it but we are not sure when is the best time to reintroduce it to our diet.  Has anyone had experience with this?  I'm not sure if I should go based off the ingredients in it? Any advice would be great! Thanks in advance :) 

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You'd probably go by ingredients, assuming that there's only one non-whole30 ingredient. Added sugar is okay, if there's only one other, like pea protein or whey. If it has multiple non-whole30 ingredients from different categories, you would probably save it for last, paying attention to how you react to those particular categories. If you react very strongly to one of the ingredients, you'll probably also react to the pre-workout, so you may not want to reintroduce it anyway. 

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