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Low Energy. Am I doing something wrong?

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Hey everyone. I'm currently on day 11 and I have been having low energy. I hear everyone talk about high energy levels and even some of my friends that have done it say they have increased energy. I'm wondering if it's taking longer since I have done a huge diet change. I'm coming from drinking little water, having 3 energy drinks a day (I work graveyard shift), tons of fast food, and a lot of dairy and carbs. My sleeping hasn't changed much as I've been on graveyard shifts for a couple years now. Here's a glimpse of my meals. Not everything but just as a reference. 


Black coffee, eggs, compliant sausage, mushrooms, spinach

M2: (usually at work)

Salad with spinach, carrots, celery, cucumber, compliant dressing. Apple, celery and carrots, sometimes blueberries. Some sort of meat (chicken, pork, beef). I eat all these throughout my shift

I usually only have 2 meals as I work till 7am and then go home and go to sleep. I workout a couple times a week and have been drinking plenty of water and tea. 

Any input and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Days 10 & 11 are often the hardest days of the 30, but typically things turn around in the next few days for most people. Check out the timeline:  https://whole30.com/revised-timeline/

It's hard to say based on how you've listed this if you're getting enough food. The recommendation is to have three meals a day that match the meal template. No matter how you split those meals up, try to make sure you're eating that amount of food over the course of a day. You can download the meal template here: https://whole30.com/pdf-downloads/

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