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So I just finished my first Whole30 and I'm blown away with the results!!

I will say it was a real struggle at first and there were times I was about to quit but I stayed the course even during several crisis, both worldly and personal.  Wow am I glad I did as I took stock this morning of my results!

  • BP is back to normal 
  • GERD is gone, no more meds required
  • I now know what "Tiger Blood" is, energy level has increased tremendously
  • My sleeping has greatly improved, weekly average per Fitbit is now well into the 80's even with all the anxiety we are facing in the world today.
  • My mood has also greatly improved, again, even with the worldly crisis we are all facing
  • I reached my weight goal and then some

All in all I have learned the importance of proper food choices and eating habits as the benefits speak for themselves. 

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