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Prepping for the start of reintroduction and looking for input on which/what sugars to reintroduce.  Not looking at eating a box of donuts or sweets, just really looking to get back to adding a little sugar to my morning coffee.  Pre-Whole30 I was using Swerve and/or stevia extracts but not sure if those are the "best" types of sugars to reintroduce.  Looking for advice on what others have done and would recommend.  Thanks!

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Honestly, I reintroduced sugar based on what I typically used on a daily basis prior to my Whole30 round. So I tried some sugar in my morning coffee, honey in my afternoon tea, a bit of honey in a homemade vinaigrette, and a nighttime tea blend that had stevia leaf. If you're focusing on sugar itself, then be sure you're only adding some to an otherwise compliant food... and I'd suggest NOT doing it at the same level you might have before, because chances are that would be WAY too sweet now. (As an example, my pre-W30 sugar for coffee was 2 tsp per small mug, and my sugar reintro measure was 1/2 tsp in a small mug.)

Some might have other thoughts, but my reasoning was that the most important reintroduction data would come from things that I'd be likely to use on a daily basis (or at least often), if they were an option -- hence doing honey but not powdered sugar (for instance).

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having done Whole30 you should realise that your body doesn't need sugar, and also you probably won't want sugar either, but if you want to reintroduce it, go ahead, but do it in much smaller amounts than you were used to before.  Beware, it can be a slippery slope back into 'unhealthy' eating.

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