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Hi everyone, 

I was doing a whole30 when the corona virus hit the West really hard. I live in the UK and have just finished our 2nd week of lock down. I am in the reintroduction phase at the moment, however when I get really anxious my stomach seizes up and usually my lower back will go back too. I've been trying to reintroduce foods however I can't tell if what I am eating is causing discomfort or the anxiety. Is it allowed in reintroduction to try say gluten free grains 3 times, with 2 days rest or however long needed in between? This is my first "correct" reintroduction and id really like to do it right to begin my FFF journey. Would you advise sticking to simple things. I had Gf pasta that contained rice, corn and quinoa and I thought maybe I should just try one of those at a time because it'd be better to simplify to spot issues with certain foods from each group? Also I had quinoa porridge, is that too much for a reintroduction meal, I read last night it should be a side so should I avoid doing that again? 


Apologies for the essay, I just really want to do the reintroduction correctly. 


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Yes, you can do multiple reintro days of a particular type of food to help determine if you had a reaction to the food or if it was anxiety. 

I think as far as how much of each thing to eat during reintroductions, eat whatever amount you would normally eat. For some things, that probably means just a small amount, but if you'd eat a whole bowl of quinoa or oatmeal or whatever, it makes sense to eat that much during reintros. You might have no problem with a few bites of something, but a noticeable reaction to a bowl full of the same thing.

The gf pasta is ok, as long as all the non-whole30 stuff was all from the same group. Some people do break reintros down even more, for instance a separate day for peanuts or soy, then other legumes. That would be fine if you want to do that, but you don't have to. 

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