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Meli's post-W30 log


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I finished my first round of W30 yesterday and have decided to continue journaling over here. Keeping a food diary has been really helpful for me. My plan is to continue doing this until the end of April. I'm interested in re-introducing beans and legumes, as well as fermented dairy (kefir specifically, which I like to make), miso and tempeh. When we're able to go out and socialize again I look forward to having the occasional glass of wine and beer. I wasn't eating nuts, seeds or fruit during my W30 and surprisingly don't miss them. Might have them occasionally in very small quantities later on, but the main thing I'm interested in bringing back are beans and lentils. 


  • continue eating 3 meals a day
  • basically eat W30 but with the inclusion of beans, lentils, tempeh and miso; occasional fermented dairy and fruit; alcohol as a treat. Exceptions made for other people's cooking and special occasions such as birthdays and weddings
  • continue eating sauerkraut every day as I'm finding it helpful with my digestion
  • include a probiotic before bed
  • commit to drinking more water
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Day 31

B - coffee w/ nut milk; vegetable soup; 1/4 large avocado; 2 scrambled eggs

L - vegetable soup; sardines w/ mustard, cilantro, capers, green olives, cucumber, celery; sauerkraut

post-lunch coffee w/ nut milk

D - lentil soup w/ mint & poached egg; sautéed vegetables (frozen veg mix* of cauliflower, broccoli and carrot); 1/4 avocado

*must find a tastier way of cooking this... it's been hard to get to the market for fresh produce these days and I see more frozen veg in my future. I think next time I'll try steaming them and having them with some olive oil, lemon and fresh herbs. Or in a broth? 

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Day 32

B - coffee w/ nut milk; baked sweet potato; vegetable soup w/ seafood

L - zucchini noodles w/ tuna, olive oil, cilantro, capers & green olives; lentil soup

S - grapefruit

D - miso-vegetable soup w/ seafood


I think I solved the frozen vegetable problem by making a soup out of them.

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Day 33

B - coffee w/ nut milk; sautéed greens w/ beans in their broth

L - celery and baby carrots; roast chicken w/ skin

D - zucchini noodles w/ tuna, olive oil, cilantro, celery leaves & green olives; lentil soup


headache all day... didn't eat much but not much of an appetite (first day of period, so feeling a bit 'off'). 

I think I overdid it with the lentils and beans, oof - will continue eating more or less compliant and eat these a bit more sparingly from now on, haha :)

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