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4/3 log update


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I just found out these logs existed, I'm on day 10 and excited to start utilizing them!!! 

I've been struggling a bit the last few days. The first week I was very much on "schedule"- hangry, cravings, exhausted. Then started on day 8 I began getting some digestive issues and I've felt big and bloated since then. I think coconut oil was a culprit one night so I haven't been using that. My next thought is nuts. I've been having almond butter every day (only a tablespoon so not going overboard), as well as maybe 10 or so pistachios or almonds as a snack. I didn't start eating either of these until day 8, but it could have nothing to do with it. I had some today so starting tomorrow I'm gonna try to not eat either for a few days and see how I feel. I have also been eating 2 servings of fruit a day which I used to not be a huge fruit person. Typically berries, an apple or a cutie/orange.

Today not as much but usually I've been really struggling with my hunger. I know you're only supposed to have three meals a day but I cannot go without snacks or I'm starving. I feel like my meals are never satisfying enough to go over an hour or two so maybe I just need to eat more? 


Today's log:

Breakfast: 2 thin slices of sweet potato as toast topped with turkey and eggs, small handful of blueberries, black coffee

Lunch: (wasn't starving so more of a snack today) one apple with a tbsp almond butter, sliced cucumbers/red peppers/carrots and a tablespoon of compliant homemade ranch

Afternoon snack: a few pieces of compliant beef jerky, coffee RX bar

Dinner: slow cooker fajita chicken bowl- shredded chicken breast, red and green peppers, yellow onion, avocado, cilantro over cauliflower rice


I have a half gallon to a gallon of water every day as well.


I have always been a pretty healthy eater aside from maybe one day a week having some "cheat" meals, or some chips here and there throughout the day on occasion. I'm wondering if that will change how my body reacts. I was kind of hoping to lose maybe 3-5 pounds during this but thats not by top goal and I don't want to get my hopes up. I actually feel like I have been eating more carbs and fat than I was before starting this, also due to the nuts and fruits. 

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@Emilyluder welcome to the log board. 

I find having enough fat at a meal is crucial for me staying full, but also making sure the meal follows the template.  You may want to add veggies to your first meal.  Anything will do salad roasted or steamed veggies. Don’t think of it in terms of breakfast, rather it’s the first meal and and anything compliant is fair game.   If I do snack I try to make sure the snack involves some protein and fat.  I don’t care much for Avocado but they are good source of fat so I keep those one hand, and deviled eggs with W30 mayo and mustard provide protein and fat and then I’ll have some raw veggies with those.  

Check out others logs for some great meal ideas.  Great job so far on your Whole 30!

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