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Day 5 low water absorption

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I am coming from a truly awful diet that I ate most of the last 25 years.

Trying to change it up with a Whole30 (or maybe Whole35+ we’ll see) and running into a hydration issue, namely I am not absorbing much water at all.

Pre-W30: high salt, low potassium, some dehydration issues that I could fix with water intake.  Standard urination discoloration indicators.

W30: low salt, unknown potassium, and water is going right through me.  Impacting sleep, heart rate, probably other stuff too.

COVID-19 so I can’t just get to a lab and have some bloodwork done, so asking here.  I’m basically planning to double my water intake to a full gallon and hopefully get more through whatever minimal absorption capabilities I have, but is this something that will pass or am I missing electrolytes and should supplement the current eating?

Casually searching this forum suggests W30 fixes these issues for a lot of people but admittedly I know we are all individuals and I would suggest my prior diet over the years was worse than most.  It may just take a lot more time to adapt.




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Worked out the Potassium intake: about 3000 mg daily or far better than what I assume I was regularly getting previously.  Looking at published nutritional values for what I was eating previously this number was probably around 1000.

Doing the same math on the Na side (sorry Sodium) around 1500 mg now, and previously was at least 2K+.

Guessing this is just electrolyte imbalances that need to be worked out?  

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Good advice; I used to do long distance running so familiar with the issue.

I had been eating high salt diet most of two decades and my body is pretty efficient in getting rid of it right or wrong.  I was potassium deficient though during that time admittedly, possible calcium issues too.

I wound up basically supplementing with a Chipotle W30 lifestyle bowl, 1600 mg Na on top of the rest of my diet and haven’t had a problem since while continuing to eat said Chipotle bowl maybe twice a week.  May be able to dial that back a bit, actually notice the salt in the dish after starting the W30, that is a novelty for me.

Incidentally I got another NSV in that I no longer seem to have the occasional twitch before falling asleep.  Only been 9 days since the last one but it was happening every three or so days previously.  I hadn’t really looked at it before but said twitch was another likely electrolyte imbalance issue.

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