Day 28 - Acne, Gas and bloating, tired

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So I typically eat healthy and limit sugar in general so adjusting to this plan was pretty easy.  However, I have yet to see the benefits.   Im not looking to loose weight, but was hoping that an elimination diet would get my gut under control and my put my digestion in check.  However, I broke out in acne - which I never ever get - about a week ago, and my gas is ridiculous!  I referred to my blood type diet and saw that I should not be eating beef, which is mainly what I was eating the first 3 weeks.  The elimination of chicken and beef have seemed to help more than anything else.  I also eased up on the potatoes as I felt like they were just making me fat.

Also having trouble understanding why additives are approved like dipotassium phosphate in Nut Pods?  Seems odd for the program to allow this, and not allow other whole food substances.  When stuff doesn't make sense to me it's really hard to see the point.


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Whole30 eliminates the foods most likely to cause issues for most people, but since any food can cause issues for some people, it's impossible to eliminate everything that could possibly be a problem for every person. 

You are always allowed to leave out anything you feel is not a good fit for you. Products like Nutpods are useful for some people, and the additives in them are unlikely to cause issues for most people,  but you can absolutely do a whole30 without using them at all. 

I'm sorry you haven't found the results you were hoping for. If you want to give us a rundown of a day or two of typical meals, we can see if anything stands out that might be causing problems. 

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