Break-OO-fast without eGGs

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Hi, everybody,

I saw that the topic, related to my ? is already closed (Breakfast issue).

I'm bored to eat every morning eggs, eggs, eggs...I already don't count different forms and shapes.

Let me be more specific: I like to eat breakfast, but not something like meat, salad, smutty, muffins, leftover(cold), fish etc...

So, in this scenario whit what I was left ... to eat morning ? :rolleyes:

Thanks for under-standing

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You can eat anything for your first meal of the day you'd eat for any other meal.  I realize eating dinner leftovers or soup first thing in the morning may seem strange and even a little uncomfortable at first, but it's just for 30 days. Sometimes people find that one of their biggest takeaways from whole30 is how big a difference a hearty, protein and vegetable rich breakfast makes to their day. Instead of deciding you don't like certain things for breakfast, decide you're open to trying them for 30 days to see if it makes any difference for you.

Try a soup, maybe look for a blended butternut squash or pumpkin soup, served with breakfast sausage. Or make meatballs or grilled chicken and have that either warm or cold with celery, carrots, cucumber, broccoli, or other vegetables, and a dipping sauce of some kind.

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I love having half a sweet potato for breakfast, as I'm not an egg person. I mash it with a fork & add some Vanilla  Nut Pod cream to it to make it fluffy & don't even need to add ghee! To cook, I make slices in the top of a sweet potato, rinse , wrap in plastice wrap & microwave about 61/2 to 7 minutes.

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I'm not a fan of breakfast eggs, either, and neither is my digestive system. I'm still trying to find breakfast recipes that work for me. 

Shannon makes a good point, and I know that the 7 Day Meal Plan outlined in the book points us in the same direction (that breakfast can be last night's leftovers). But, that's just not what I want for breakfast. And I know we don't have to have that for breakfast to be compliant. Still, it's tough to find suitable breakfast foods. 

Recently I had sweet potato hash for breakfast (sweet potato + chopped kale + onion) topped with 3 slices of bacon (chopped) and half an avocado. It was really good! And I had leftovers the next day for breakfast. If you google sweet potato hash you'll find plenty of inspiration. But if you discover any eggless breakfast recipes you like, please share! 

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