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It's Day 2 and I'm Still Alive :)


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It's 11:30 in the morning and I've forgotten to eat breakfast again. Is breakfast really that big of a deal anyway?

Yesterday I had to ditch the coffee with coconut cream after two sips and grabbed a Kombucha. I literally survived the day with Kombucha yesterday, I am a B I G coffee drinker. Today, I have had 2 cups with the coconut cream and for whatever reason was not as horrible as yesterday.

Sunday I pre-gamed by ditching all gluten, all junk (including the left over christmas cookies), I did have my last 3 cups of coffee with cream and on Monday I was already getting the sluggies. I could barely do 10 - 20 minutes of work without taking a break. I ended up just nurturing myself and threw the guilt out the window!

I learned about this program through the Hashimoto's Support Group I belong to. I talked to a friend who's been Paleo for about a year, did some reading with the book and on blogs and based on results from people in the support group decided to complete the Whole30. I am hoping this will help my body heal and stop the flare ups.

I don't have a problem keeping the commitment, I know I can do it! Just not looking forward to the side effects of the purge!

I love to cook and have had two fabulous dinners completely compliant that my family had no idea about and just loved it :)

Walking away from the keyboard to start my soup.

Cheers to a great rest of the day :)))

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Breakfast is important. Eating within one hour of waking in the morning has a positive influence on your hormones, even if you eat without being hungry. Your hormones have a rhythm that modern life jerks out of whack. The consequences of our hormones being out of whack are broad - trouble sleeping at night, trouble feeling tired in the afternoon, trouble feeling hungry at night, trouble NOT feeling hungry in the morning, etc. Following a healthy schedule of eating and sleeping (as best we can) helps get our bodies back in rhythm so we can awake fresh (and hungry), perform well throughout the day, and then sleep soundly at night.

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