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Late night snacking... do I need to restart my whole 30?


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Hi Whole30 community! I’m on Day 12 of my first round of the Whole30 program. I suffer from late night binge eating and had been doing really well this whole time until around 1:30am today. I woke up and felt the need to have a snack (I do think I was genuinely hungry), and I had a banana with almond butter and two Whole30 compliant bars. 
I‘m super bummed out and really wish I hadn’t done it.

Do I need to restart the Whole30 from day 1 again because I overate and reverted back to a negative old habit/pattern, even though what I ate was whole30 compliant?

Any help or suggestions would be so appreciated.

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If everything you ate was whole30 compliant, you don't need to start over. The rules really only dictate what you eat, things like meal sizes or timing are recommendations.

If you were hungry, you might consider whether you need larger meals, either just in general or perhaps there's something about this particular day that is a change -- more stress, more exercise, less sleep, or if you menstruate even where you are in your cycle can all make you more hungry some days, and it's okay to eat more on days you are hungry.

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