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I have reviewed the archived information on leg cramps, but I would like to recommend that this be included as a possible side effect for future Whole30ers and how it might be remedied with helpful suggestions. I’m in the Reintroduction phase and started having leg cramps a about a week ago; now almost every night.  Are you planning on integrating this into future material as it would be helpful to all.

By the way, I love the Whole30 Fast & Easy Cookbook. Quick and easy recipes are included that anyone can prepare!

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First and second rounds I had horrible calf cramps at night.  Third round I had none, and so far, on my fourth round none also. I attribute it to adjusting to whole food eating, trying to add enough salt and get enough water. I found that I was eating a lot LESS sodium then pre-whole30. I had to add more salt to certain meals.

I also added in natural calm magnesium supplement, coconut water after intense workouts, and journaled to see any other relationship to the cramps. The good news is the went away after the first week.

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johnsjodie, I have jaw issues too, have for years, but I have noticed that I now have more of a "twang" sound when my jaw does a little readjustment instead of a crack or pop.  So weird!  

I also struggle with calf cramps.  I've been researching today paleo + leg cramps and came up with multiple possibilities including yours AliciaN.  here is a brief overview "Okay, so I do think this is a really good question because it’s a common problem for people that are new to Paleo, and muscle cramps are generally caused by an imbalance of electrolytes, such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, or sodium, and this can be from dietary deficiency, illness, or excessive exercise, which are the most common reasons. "   

I take magnesium supplements.  That seemed to help on my first whole 30, but not this time.  I tracked my food for the last couple days in a micro-nutrient app and see that my potassium, magnesium and sodium are great but not my calcium.  like 25% of what I need.  I am definitely upping my water today and tomorrow to see, but after that I'm going to look for a good calcium supplement.  

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