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Faith's Whole30 - June 1 to June 30


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June 1, Day 1!

Breakfast (about 7:20)

4 silver dollar pork sausages crumbled into 3 heads bok choy, sauteed in 1.5 tablespoons coconut oil. Topped with 2 over-easy eggs.

Green tea

Lunch (about 12:10) - no time to cook up fresh veggies last night, so I ate them raw!

one head broccolli raw (maybe a cup?) dipped in about 2 tbl homemade lemon aioli

1/4 green pepper with same aioli, 1 tbl

~8 oz (a lot) pulled pork shoulder, leftovors, with fat attached (moderate amount) and 4 oz mild salsa

big bowl full of lettuce with half an avocado mashed up in it.

drinking water throughout the day...

Oh, and 2 strawberries

Dinner (late... 9ish... Too late to eat much, was finishing garden.)

Head of Cauliflower sautéed in 3 tbl coconut oil with minced garlic. I ate about 1/2 cup.

More of the pulled pork, maybe only 4 oz.

Slice or two of tomato

Wild orange tea with magnesium stuff in it.


Blueberry larabar

Couple pieces fresh coconut

Day one is done!!

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DAY 2:


The other half of last night's dinner (pork, cauliflower, sliced tomatoes) warmed up and topped with 2 over easy eggs.

Green tea.

****saturday is a day I eat a lot of fruit - fresh farmers market berries, etc. Also, as I'm pretty active, I'll probably keep eating fruit****


This is one of my favorite quick lunches: most of a 12oz can of chicken, about a cup and a half of chopped raw cabbage (mixed red and green is fun) and a whole avocado. Mash all together, Add salt. Yum!


Pint of raspberries

1/5 coconut

Leftover cauliflower w mayo

4 strawberries

Rest of can of chicken zipped up in the blender to get out the rest of the new batch of mayo. Mixed with large handful raw cabbage

Some homemade trail mix (nuts, seeds, coconut, raisins)

Baked kale - bowlful

Day two done!!

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Day 3;

Get up. Spoonful of cashew butter (homemade! Love my vitamix).

Green tea, go run 6 miles. Then eat a banana, run some errands, and come home.

Breakfast after running:

Spoonful or two of coconut butter. A strawberry.

2 small sweet potatoes grated and cooked like hash with 2 tbl coconut oil

2 over easy eggs on top

Last 3 silver dollar pork sausages

1/2 avocado

Some salsa

Lunch - didn't really have

Snacked on: coconut - about 1/5

Few strawberries

Little bit of coconut water

Spoonful of coconut butter

Handful of cherry tomatoes


Artichoke with homemade mayo

Meatloaf, large slice

Done! I think...

no wait - some homemade trail mix, and herbal tea with magnesium stuff.

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two overeasy eggs on top of meatloaf serving. yum.

Green tea.


Today seems to be a snacky day... I had a couple of spoonfuls of cashew butter and some trail mix, a handful of cherry tomatoes.

Then for actual lunch, 1/2 a mini meatloaf with left over cauliflower and 2 pieces of fresh pineapple.. I'm full.

I wasn't sure I was hungry for lunch and was going to skip it, but smelled other food and decided to eat.

Ended up snacking all day.. All whole thirty foods, equal balance of fat/protein and veggies/fruit. Was possibly emotional eating... dreary day in June.. hard for me. Last week of school... Not sure. Did okay, ate too much though. That's one of my old habits to break..

Will keep working on it. Tomorrow's a fresh day.


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Day 5:

Breakfast: Two eggs over easy with a half bag of spinach sauteed with onions in bacon grease. 3 strips of Applegate (no sugar) bacon.

Snack: Some cherry tomatoes

Lunch: I made some veggie soup (sauteed up a bunch of greens/peppers/mushrooms/brocolli/tomatoes that were reaching their throwaway point, then blended half in the vitamix with some olive oil, mixed the other half back in. looks terrible, tastes fine. Sometimes I make myself eat stuff because I hate to waste food :) and had a bowlful of that (a jar full that made me full, but I had to finish my meatloaf and avocado anyway. Or.. I will finish before the end of work (2 pm today)...

Snack: a few carrot sticks/celery with homemade paleo baba ghanoush. some fresh coconut.


grilled lamb sirloin (turns out I don't like the gamier cuts, so I'll be sticking with chops from now on)

grilled asparagus

I maybe made ice cream in the vitamix... (Vitamix ice cream is frozen fruit blended with a bit of coconut water) the BF is going out of town, so it was a night to treat him. It was all paleo, and I didn't eat all of it. :) Strawberries and bananas. yummmm!

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Day 6:

quick run in the morning (just a couple of miles)


2 overeasy eggs on top of 1 hashed sweet potato in coconut oil, 1 slice of meatloaf.

green tea

Snack: a bite or two of coconut before I realized it was off. a handful of cherry tomatoes

Lunch: Pot roast with a few carrots and onions. My weird veggie soup mix, about 2 cups.

*** My dear friend and triathlon training buddy Fred died today. He passed in his sleep. I will not use my grief as an excuse to derail, but instead will use the whole30 to maintain some sense of control in my life ***

I didn't eat a proper dinner. I wasn't hungry but I used eating as a bit of a coping mechanism. I did snack on too much trail mix, as an emotional crutch. I made some sautéed zucchini and mushrooms and had a small amount for dinner. I also ate a handful of grapes, the little bit of frozen "ice cream" left from last night, some carrot sticks with baba Ghanoush. I think that's it.

Done now.

RIP Fred. Your smile was infectious.

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Day 7:

Hard to get through breakfast... was sort of hungry, but chewing and crying are difficult to do at the same time. :wacko:

2 overeasy eggs on top of zucchini/mushroom hash with 3 pieces of bacon and a small piece of potroast with 1/2 avocado on top.

Lunch: leftover pot roast with a few carrots and onions. Some homemade mayo

Snacks: trail mix (becoming a negative habit, so going to give that up as of today), some frozen pineapple and banana mixed together.

Dinner: a larabar and a strawberry.

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Sorry to hear about your friend. Take care of yourself during this time. It's nice to think we can actually control what we eat, and feel better about it, inside and out.

Happy memories!

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Day 8:


2 eggs overeasy with sautéed spinach and onions and a piece of leftover meatloaf.

Lunch was the last day of school picnic - I did well. Some pineapple and raspberries, some carrot and cucumber sticks, a burger patty (not grassfed but otherwise no additives) and some tomato/cucumber/pepper salad that may have had a non whole 30 oil on it, but whatever. I ignored the hoardes of cookies and pastas and such. had a larabar instead.


bit of pot roast with veg with a bit of mayo.

then to my first open water swim since my last tri in 2010. :) my club met to honor our friend Fred. Half of us swam around the wharf, the other half of us swam out and back. I was in the out and back group, as I've also skipped out on the pool for a long time. It was great to get back in, though freezing as always, and super choppy because of the wind. Still, good workout, good memorial, good feelings.

I'm always super famished after an OWS, but I did not go to the mexican restaurant or the wine bar (neighbors on the wharf, and the wine bar is sort of our "club house") because I did not want to face the temptations. I've already had some close calls this week.

So, food at home.

On to last meal: veggie soup mush with an avocado and a cup of raw cabbage, and frozen pineapple/banana, about 2/3 cup.

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Day 9:

Breakfast: Hills.

2 hour ride including a few CAT climbs (one of them the road I live on :)), followed by a 20 minute run. Gotta love the brick. Didn't eat anything before, since I got up at 6:30 and was off by 7.

Post ride meal was 2 over easy eggs on top of a bit of pot roast mixed with 2 small sweet potatoes made into hash, all done in coconut oil.

snack at the FM: a peach, some raspberries and cherries. I will eat more of these today.

*** some notes (AKA TMI): cramps hit on the same day this month - that's unusual for me, but I'll take it. Also, haven't had night sweats since starting the whole 30 till last night... that could be because of the swim yesterday. I tend to get night sweats when I'm ramping up in training. I think I'm noticing a *little* more energy - I tend to have a lot of energy anyway, but the fact that I'm not crashing today or yesterday after the OWS and after the brick is promising. We shall see, however, as I get back into full swing triathlon mode. ****


a bit of beef jerky (sugar free per producer) that I found at the farmer's market.

the rest of the pint of raspberries. some cherries.


leftover meatloaf with sautéed cauliflower and green beans. half an artichoke with mayo. a few more cherries.


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Day 10 was yesterday. Here's what happened:

I did a lot of stuff. Finished up the garden with irrigation and trellising. Cleaned out the storage. But first I had breakfast.

2 eggs over sautéed cabbage and cauliflower/green bean leftovers with a good hunk of pot roast.

Then not hungry for several hours.

Dinner: last of the leftover meatloaf with more leftover green bean/cauliflower mix. A beet.

Snack: some homemade trail mix. I know I was going to give this up as it seems to be a binge food. I will continue to try. I ate a good size amount, but it was mostly dried coconut this time.

Honesty time: I had two sips of white wine with an old friend. Oops.

I threw it out after two sips when I decided I didn't want to break my streak. I'm not starting over.


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Day 11:


2 over easy eggs with four strips bacon and more leftover green bean/cauliflower mix. Who knew green beans were so good with eggs??

Some herbal green tea.

Then some iced black coffee - I think I might quit coffee pretty much as it makes me sweat. Weird, but I've known that for a while, just ignored it.

Lunch was late. I was running around and picking up the BF at the airport, so lunch was at 2. We went to my favorite taqueria and I had a plate full of Carne asada, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, and salsa. So so good. I had no problem ignoring Scotty's chips. :)

The hard part was that my run was so close to lunch time. 6.5 miles , and I'd forgotten how hilly pipeline is. Crazy. Hard. But I'm grateful I have legs. So I get out and run.

Now out to a movie. I'm bringing trail mix, mostly made of dried coconut. It should keep me away from Scotty's popcorn. :)

UPDATE: there was no popcorn so I didn't new the trail mix!

Going to bed hungry because it's too late to eat. Goodnight.

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yesterday was day 12. I did fine until the evening. I drank a gluten free beer. I may have kind of quit.

Today is day 13. I made coconut flour pancakes with a tiny (1.5 tbl total on/in) bit of maple syrup.

Then I wrecked my bike. Broke the carbon fork. I was not on it, but did the dumb ass drive into a garage thing that I've managed to avoid for years.

Before I wrecked my bike, on my bike ride, I stopped for coffee. I put cream in it.

After I wrecked my bike I bought some cream at the farmer's market (raw milk) so that I might put it in my coffee again.

When I say I quit, I mean I will add a tiny bit of sweetener (honey in my tea maybe, maple syrup if I bake), and put cream in my coffee. All else will stay pretty much the same. I may also start drinking alcohol again, but I'm not sure on that one, as I *know* that's not good for my body.

When I say I wrecked my bike, I mean I was ready to go to Spokesman and buy a brand new ride. You don't understand, I can't be without my bike, especially not when this is my first summer off when I'm SUPPOSED to be able to just hop on and go whenever wherever I want. I'm not just a runner, I'm a cyclist. I felt like I'd lost a limb. Upon cursory inspection, I may just have to replace the fork and the wheel (deeper inspection to follow may result in still needing to buy that new bike). And that it's going to take three weeks to fix? I now feel like I broke a limb.

This is a hell of a month for me. Fred died last week, I wrecked my bike this week. I could continue my whole 30 if I wanted to. It's not that big of a deal. But I don't want to.

For me, right now, I feel fine. Nothing has changed much for me on the whole thirty, actually, as I was very Paleo before. No big revelations that are whole 30 specific. So I'm going to stick with being Paleo/Primal, and have my cream in my coffee and honey in my tea.

My twin is still going strong. He had to make some major changes, and he notices how different it all is. Even though I'm backing down, he's going to keep at it.

That's all.

Let's hope my bike is miraculously done super early, like say, Saturday?

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Okay, maybe I haven't entirely quit. Here's what I had yesterday, day 12:

2 eggs over easy with leftover pot roast and the last of the green bean cauliflower mix.

Lunch was 1/2 a can of chicken mixed with about a cup + of cabbage and an avocado.

Dinner was 1/2 a pork chop, a few asparagus spears, and some grilled zucchini and a 1/2 of a grilled portabella. My unwhole30 choice was a gluten free duppel dark ale that I split with my BF. It was good.

Today is Day 13.

For breakfast, I made those Paleo pancakes with coconut flour and eggs. I could have left out the teaspoon of maple syrup, but I didn't. I started to pour some syrup on them and changed my mind, but a little snuck out. So I ate it.

Then I had coffee and put cream in it.

So far, I've also had a few cherries, a sweet potato after my bike ride (along with a packet of sugar free beef jerky and a small amount of homemade trail mix.) After the disaster, I came home and reheated an artichoke and had that with homemade mayo, along with a few radishes.

Now? I'm thinking about snacking. I'm not super hungry, but I think all that's happened in the past 8 days is finally coming down on me. I have no idea why breaking my bike is triggering all of this, except that there is so much history with my bike, and it's connected to Fred since he was in my graduating Tri class, all of our rides together, I don't know. But I've spent thirty four years learning to cope with food. I've already gone for a walk, read two books, worked in the garden, sat in the sun, rode my bike before wrecking it, have a run and a swim scheduled tomorrow... and none of it makes me feel whole and entirely okay. Not like eating does. So. What am I supposed to do?

I am fortunate enough that I don't have any non whole 30 foods (other than cream and honey and maple syrup) in the house. I also live on top of a small mountain, so getting down to town is not super easy. When I want to snack/cope using food, it doesn't always matter to me what I eat, anyway. So I suppose I will have some approved food and just be done with it...

UPDATED: so I overate, but approved. Leftover pork chop and portobello, some sauerkraut, trail mix, and the rest of some leftover frozen pineapple/coconut freeze. Then a few dates. Lots of water. Think

That's all.

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Sorry to hear about Fred, and your bike! I know you were mostly paleo prior to this, but maybe try to stay strong through these difficult times too. I know it can be difficult! But, if nothing else, (If I had to guess), I bet your twin looks up to you with your diet/lifestyle, and if I am not mistaken, you encouraged him to try this out for 30 days. I have been following his posts on his blog. I love his eating and his philosophy of the taking more than 15 minutes to make anything - not gonna happen! He is super hilarious and love the pictures of his food!! It makes me laugh always!

It sounds like you really depend on that bike, so I hope it is fixed soon!

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Day 14: guess I'm doing it after all.

No breakfast, not hungry.

Lunch: half can chicken with handful of cabbage and an avocado, salt and chipotle powder.

had trail mix as a snack. not breaking that habit yet...

Dinner: filet, green beans, sautéed shredded zucchini, made by the best boyfriend ever. two dried pineapple rings.


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day 15


coconut nested eggs from Make it Paleo (2 eggs).

1/3 bunch asparagus grilled with evoo and salt and pepper.

coffee. yep, with cream... raw unpasteurized cream.

I'm riding my own bike, i guess. despite wrecking it.

40 minute run

ate a peach. had some leftover grilled zucchini, two cooked beets, and leftover meatballs.

had some trail mix. dinner was sauerkraut , homemade kale chips, and a jalepeno burger with 1/2 avocado on it. nothing else.

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Day 16:


Two pork sausage patties, 2 eggs, 1/3 bunch grilled asparagus. 1/2 avo.

Coffee with cream.

Uh oh. My experiment with cream the past two days... I think it gives a bit of stomach upset.

Sigh. Ok. Guess that will be on the naughty list after all.

Good to know. Won't know about other stuff till end of this...

I know that I'm breaking 'the rules'. But as someone who was quite healthy in my eating to begin with, this wasn't an attempt to change what I eat as much as how. Already being grain and mostly sugar and all processed foods free, the dietary changes aren't that big. I did this because I want to change eating habits and reliance on food for emotional comfort. I can eat meat and veggies and nuts and seeds for comfort just as easily as others dive into a bag of Cheetos. So that's why I'm still here. My habits have changed a little. I don't get home and have a glass of wine. But I do still want to mindlessly eat when sitting still (reading/Netflix). I stay awfully busy, but having an entire summer off is making time for a lot of stillness. So I'm trying to shift that behavior. The summer off also allows for a lot of training, and this whole 30 thing is helping in that I won't use all the time running/biking(once fixed)/swimming as an excuse to eat anything, like most of my tri friends do. And like I did.

So while some of you may say I'm not 'doing it right', I'm doing it for me. And in my eyes, I'm doing it the right way for me.

Lunch in SF with a pal:

organic burger with salad fixings, plain. Some oil and vinegar.

Lara bar later.


5 meatballs and 2 beets. a peach.

Bought myself a new bike. Trying not to freak out at how much it cost. :)

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My run performance has suffered ridiculously since going paleo in may.

day 17:

breakfast: a sweet potato and some coffee with cream before my run.

seven mile run - worst run I've had in years. Will post in athlete forum about it.

ate a banana.

actual breakfast was a smoothie made with banana, coconut water, strawberry, and orange, and cabbage, followed by 2 eggs in coconut oil with grilled zucchini and two pork sausage patties.

went for a bike ride.

then dinner... just warmed the rest of the zucchini, another sweet potato, and a jalepeno burger.

then second dinner: trail mix, baked kale, sauerkraut.

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