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Faith's Whole30 - June 1 to June 30


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day 18:


coffee with raw cream. again. yep.

2 eggs over easy with 2 very small baked and skinned sweet potatoes, one sausage patty.


jalepeno burger with some sauerkraut and 1/2 avo.

Trail mix.


1/2 a spaghetti squash with about 2/3 c approved sauce and 1/8 c nutritional yeast.

8 oz banana/coconut milk/cashew butter smoothie.

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Day 19:

Breakfast - 2 eggs in coconut oil with 2 small sweet potatoes, 2 pork sausages, 1/2 avo. coffee, tea.

Lunch: jalapeño burger, some dries pineapple

Dinner: pork chip, sautéed zucchini, green pepper. Cosmo (yep) made at home.

Made coconut macaroons from make it paleo. Not whole 30.


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I keep forgetting to post my workout stuff. Rode Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday. Ran Sunday. Rode today. That's it for this week, so far. Skimping on the running since Sunday's run was so miserable. Biking is better, less fatigue.

Today I did 20 miles with a solid 2000 ft of climb. Fun. That's in line with SCMC if I end up doing it. Which I may not with this fatigue stuff. Also, I got a b vitamin (whole slew of em) shot today. Let's see how that feels tomorrow.

Breakfast was pancakes made from bananas, eggs, and cashew butter. Wow.

Coffee. Cream got in it.

Lunch was homemade chicken salad on raddiccio leaves with avocado. Also yum. Very small sweet potato. Bought some bigger ones. :)

Then farmers market. Which means cherries, strawberries, and raspberries. Some, not too many today.

Dinner: a left over pork chop with leftover zucchini and a few shrimp in approved cocktail sauce.

Then I got a little munchy. I ate cashew butter, coconut macaroons, and dried pineapple. I was uncomfortably full.


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I don't think I'm really finishing this since I have some raw cream every day. Should

I even bother to continue logging?

On an interesting note, I didn't expect to be hungry when I woke up, but I am.

UPDATE: I had no breakfast, just didn't feel like it even though hungry. But had some meatballs and artichoke with homemade mayo and some sauerkraut for lunch.

also, I posted this in my thread on my performance, but wanted my twin to see it since he probably doesn't check the other forums.

"I've also been having a struggle with serious orthostatic hypotension in the past two weeks. I've always had low blood pressure, tend to be about 110/60, and the postural hypotension to go with it. But lately almost any large postural shift almost lays me out. I get spots in my vision, and usually nausea and tingling in the neck/shoulders. It's only worrisome because it's markedly more severe from my old episodes of postural hypotension.

After a bit of exploring, it seems this could also be related to the dietary shifts... I think I'm going to add in some quinoa and see what happens. I can't seem to get enough carbs otherwise.

I already eat bananas, applesauce, coconut water, and added some maple syrup about a week ago... but with the reduction in my endurance levels and this near fainting, I'm putting it together that I need something a little different. So that's where I'm going."

Anyway, so that's where I'm at. This Whole30 thing was an interesting experiment, and I'm a little unhappy with myself that I'm not finishing it, but since I eat Paleo anyway, I feel like I'm on good ground. Adding quinoa, if that will bring my performance (and my blood pressure) back up to normal is a small concession - it's not like I'm wolfing down bagels and cakes and cheerios, oh my.

So I think I'm done tracking. Thanks for reading.

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