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Birdie's TESTING Journey - post W30


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THRILLLED I FINISHED THE COURSE! Savoring this delight & sense of accomplishment!

Now moving on from W30 blog to this POST-W30 section :)


APRIL 15, 2020 / WED

Started day with my lovely half sweet potato/Vanilla Pod cream & delicious cup of Nespresso 

Will begin testing Dairy today -

Jeni's ButterMint ice cream / greek yogurt / maybe some melted cheese Or pimento cheese at lunch :)

loaded baked potato / either Quiche or Parmesan chicken for dinner (made w/ W30 mayo & Parm coating)

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I read last night that:

One can test the food group for 2 days, if no reaction the first day & can even go 5 to 7 days before testing another group, just to be sure you are not having a delayed reaction to the previous food group.

I like this concept, since my intention is to keep close to the W30 ongoing ( & after testing, add the things I don't react to, in a moderate way).


So looks like my TESTING PHASE will be long and stretched out.  :):rolleyes:

+ I want to test peanuts & soy & field peas separately // Soy for me is mainly Hellmanns mayo & Dale's Sauce // + test Peanute oil in 5Guy fries 

And test Agave & sugar alcohols separately

And test rice and oats and  corn separately  // *corn test includes foods like corn chips / taco / cornmeal / grits w/ ghee 

And of course, testing gluten separately (pasta / bread / crackers)

And then I want to test COMBO FOODS
pizza (cheese/wheat)  /  Cake (dairy/wheat/sugar)  /  MacNcheeese  /  Cobbler (wheat/butter/sugar) / Crossiant / Eclair 

Cornbread (corn/dairy/ oil) / Grits cooked w/ butter & cream 

Then test Nitrites - regular Bacon / pepperoni / deli corn beef / hot dogs 




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On second thought - will test the groups fully on the designated day or two

IF react,  THEN
test separately foods WITHIN that group.

So initial testing looks like:


DAIRY - Sour Cream / butter / cheese / milk
If react,  then Test cheese / milk separately 

If react,  then Test peanuts & soy & field peas separately 
*Soy is mainly Hellmanns mayo & Dale's Sauce for me  // &  test Peanut oil in 5Guy fries :) :rolleyes:

If react,  then Test  Agave  &  sugar alcohols  separately  &  honey 

If react,  then Test  rice and  oats and  corn separately  
*corn test includes foods like corn chips / taco / cornmeal / grits w/ ghee

GLUTEN GRAINS - pasta and breads / crackers
If react, no need to Test separately

And then test COMBO FOODS perhaps

pizza (cheese/wheat)  /  Cake (dairy/wheat/sugar)  /  MacNcheeese  /  Cobbler (wheat/butter) / Crossiant / Eclair 
Cornbread (corn/dairy) / Grits cooked w/ butter & cream 

Then test Nitrites - regular Bacon / pepperoni / deli corn beef / hot dogs 

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DAY 32 ! ! / APRIL 16  / Thursday 


So far NO REACTION to Dairy yesterday - slept well / feel energetic and joyful today, like on W30.

:) Will continue testing Dairy today, just to be sure, then W30 2 to 3 days, IF No Reaction, & then test another food group :)
      IF there is a reaction, will do W30 longer before testing another group.


It was a delight to add some variety to the W30 meals! :)  Also nice to be FREE of the worry about "messing up" while on W30 ! ! !

Will be interesting to see what I react to, as something causes lack of energy & IBS issues for sure! - As I feel so much better after doing W30!

Shalom !

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On DAY 1 OF TESTING DAIRY // DAY 31 of W30  / 4-15

Breakfast - my lovely W30 half sweet potato w/ Vanilla Pod cream & Coffee 

Orange water

In total, 1 cup of ICE CREAM, throughout the day. ( Jeni's ButterMint - good but wayyy too sweet! :)Can live w/o this for sure!)

RX bar for afternoon snack // No Collagen Smoothie today

Dinner - Chicken Salad / celery / grapes / almonds / W30 Mayo

Yellow Squash with MELTED CHEESE :)

"Dessert" - half FAGE YOGURT w/ blueberries

Late Snack - Cordial of half coconut water/half grape juice & Slice of CHEESE

Happy / Joyful / Full & Satisfied / Sleepy - ready for bed at a good time / Feel as Good as if still on W30!


It was a DELIGHT to have these new additions :)



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DAY 33 ! ! / APRIL 17  / Friday 


NO REACTION to DAIRY after testing for 2 days!  - slept well / feel energetic and joyful, like on W30.

Yesterday (Day 2 of testing), Dairy included:

half Fage yogurt, 2 pieces melted Havarti cheese & about 1/3 cup Mint ice cream, delicious baked Parmesan Chicken for dinner & a  grape juice cordial & cheese slices for late snack. 

Felt  GREAT & no tummy issues all day!  Surprised & thankful!  :) NO cramps, bloating Or lethargy! 


It will be interesting to see what I react to during testing >

 as IBS lessened quite a bit on W30 - (the pain / cramps & lethargy / 000 energy )

Today (DAY 33)  (4-17) is BACK TO W30 foods & actually was craving my sweet potato breakfast this morning! :)

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DAY 33 ! ! / APRIL 17  / Friday Continued // Eating W30 today

Breakfast - half sweet potato w/ Vanilla Pod Cream & Caramel Nespresso Coffee :)

Sipping Smart Water & a Poppi vinegar drink throughout the day :)

Lunch will be leftover Thai Soup & Shrimp Salad w/ W30 mayo/celery from yesteray

Snack - Collagen Tummy Smoothie - w/ just coconut water. almond extract, 1/3 banana & collagen //
                                                                    * 0 apple/berries/spinach until through testing phase


Dinner will be either leftover chili w/ avocodo + half baked potato OR a Green Chef steak dish / mashed potato / green beans

Small half grape juice/coconut water cordial after dinner probably :)

LOVE being free of the anxiety / restrictions of "messing up" on W30! 


Feel I've joined an ELITE Club! Yes! :lol::rolleyes:

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***B/c of IBS issues, I am eating more frequent, smaller meals as suggested in the W30 book

** Important to take a PROBIOTIC daily to ward off digestive issues  

** I know smoothies are not encouraged, but I had just started doing them again & didn't want to lose a healthy habit,
     plus it's a way to take Collagen -- important for my overall health.

* I can't face eggs in the morning, so had an idea to have baked sweet potato for breakfast - worked out well! :) 

   Therefore, I also used the Egg/banana recipe as an "omelet" - it definitely doesn't resemble a pancake by the time it's out of the pan! :lol:    
   And it was a pleasant way to get filling eggs into my W30 routine.  Added cinnamon to it & so good w/ Coffee & Bacon!

* I don't like plain water, so squeezing an Orange slice or 2 into my water every morning really helped.  Also like drinking Smart Water.
   One goal of W30 was to stop a habit of drinking Ginger Beer soda daily (non-alchoholic, but sugary)

* I occasionally have a small Cordial after dinner, of half  grape juice/half coconut water.  Enjoyable & relaxing! 

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DAY 34 ! / APRIL 18  / Saturday // Eating W30 today

Yesterday was W30 also:  Breakfast - half sweet potato & Coffee 

Lunch was leftover Shrimp Salad w/ W30 mayo/celery 

I missed my afternoon Collagen Smoothie & had one chicken tender, mashed potatoes & green beans for dinner.

Full & /satisfied, even though small portions.

I just discovered RX bars on Day 29 of W30 & Loved the Salted Chocolate - BUT realizing they can quickly get out of hand!

Forcing myself to just have one a day - half in the am & half at night

TODAY - Coffee in morning & a Late Saturday Brunch at 2 - Banana/Egg Crepe / one piece bacon
               Tried a new recipe with coconut flour / almond butter - not nearly as good as my simple "Banana Omelette" recipe!

Late Lunch / Snack - Collagen Smoothie // Chicken Salad / toasted almonds / grapes / lettuce //  & half RX Bar 

Dinner will be a Green Chef steak dish / veggies & either baked potato or hash browns :)

Probaly a small after dinner Cordial of half grape juice/coconut water & half RX Bar

Sipping Smart Water & a Poppi vinegar drink throughout the day :)


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Wrote a book review today :)

"Yes, it looks daunting! But it turned out to be a WONDERFUL experience! I thought about it a month or so before I was ready to commit. Finally, I chose a day to begin & began preparation & gathering supplies.

The Good News is that after Day 4, like many, I started to feel better & cravings began to lessen. By Day 10 for me, a sense of WELL BEING kicked in and the rest of the Journey was a pleasure, for the most part. By day 10, I had NO interest in off limit foods, and was enjoying really good food.

Tip - the day before starting, make the (easy) W30 Mayo & make a chicken salad w/ that & celery. I served mine with toasted almonds, lettuce & grapes. So good. Keeping this on hand really helps the Journey! Keeping homemade chili on hand helped also. So good with avocado.

Also, I can't face eggs for breakfast, so I had half a baked sweet potato. ***And there is approved W30 BACON! *** YES!

For dinner - any kind of roast works & you can have mashed potatoes with ghee! Heaven! Or roasted potatoes. Or hash browns! Also loved sides of french green beans with spring onion, cucumbers in vinegar , squash & sliced tomatoes. Also slaw, tossed salad & Spinach Salad.

For snacks - most RX bars are approved - so good that I have to make myself limit to just one a day!
Also like melon wrapped w/ a compliant prosciutto .

Smoothies aren't encouraged on W30, but I had one w/ coconut water, banana, apple & berries w/ COLLAGEN mixed in, almost every day. I need Collagen for joint health & this is a great way to take it.

There are W30 ketchup & salad dressings you can buy also. The W30 website has lots of Sources listed.
// So once you get into, its really Not that hard - and SO . WORTH . IT !

Then after the 30 days, the cherry on top is the TESTING Phase, where you actually get to sort out which food groups cause reactions that make you feel bad.

After testing a food group, you go back to W30 for 2 days or so & then test another! That's why the W30 Journey is SO WORTH IT!
All the best on yours!

I'm usually VERY slow to lose wt, no matter how strict/good I am, but over the thirty days, lost 7 lbs + inches and Gained better ENERGY, sound SLEEP & waking refreshed and feeling uplifted. "


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DAY 35 ! / APRIL 19  / Sunday // TESTING CORN TODAY

I decided to start testing gluten free grains  next -
Corn today: Grits / Popcorn / Frosty Flakes cereal / maybe  cooked corn & cornbread
If a reaction, back to W30 for 2 days

Then testing rice & wild rice next // Then testing oats

Late Sunday Morning Breakfast - half sweet potato / coffee at 2pm 

3pm - 1/3 cup FROSTY FLAKES CORN CEREAL w/ original Pods Cream as the milk
3:30- Note - hungry again - a bit unusual for me

4pm - 2 cups of a healthy POPCORN (already popped) - gobbled it down - a bit unusual!

4:30 - 1/4 cup freshly cooked GRITS 

6pm - STILL FEELING GOOD - Steady energy & no adverse IBS effects, like cramps / digestive upset 

6:15 - 2 more cups of POPCORN & 1/4 apple

6:30 - Collagen Smoothie w/ half banana & coconut water 

Then lovely Lavender Epsom Salt bath - Sooo relaxing 

FULL until 9:30pm! // relaxing, RAINY day / Sunday afternoon & evening

10:15 - Green Chef pork chop / mashed potatoes / French green beans / chives - So good!

half RX Bar after dinner 

11:30 - 1/2 cup FROSTY FLAKES w/ Pod Cream for milk

Sleepy / ready for bed at 12

SO FAR - NO ADVERSE REACTION TO CORN products - though forgot to cook some corn for dinner






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DAY 36 ! / APRIL 20  / Monday // TESTING RICE TODAY

Today Testing RICE & WILD RICE & if 0 reaction, tomorrow will be OATS.

So far, NO reaction to the corn foods from yesterday - Frosty Flakes, POPCORN, Grits 
000 cramping or tummy upset!

// But this morning, I read in It Starts With Food, that - once you start eating these non-compliant foods in a more frequent way, there could be cumulative reactions building up in the background! (Like hormonal imbalance / cravings / gut health)

// That's Sooo tricky & hard to control!

Unless I'm careful to stay w/ W30 compliant foods & include the seemingly non-reactive ones in a moderate way.

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Breakfast was half sweet potato w/ Pods cream / cofffee / 1 pc bacon :)

Full & Satisfied several hours / while diddled on Pinterest!

Skipped Lunch //

Late Afternoon - Collagen smoothie /1/3 banana / coconut water

4:45 - CUP OF freshly cooked Uncle Ben's WHITE RICE & 1/3 cup green beans
NO digestive reaction, but did have a bit of brain fog & was sleepy 30 min later - but the sleepiness isn't very unusual,..

6pm -Tbsp almonds . 1/4 apple 
7pm - cup hot tea, on porch

8pm - Late Dinner - Roasted Turkey, CUP OF WILD RICE , green beans, 0 sugar cherry jam

After Dinner Cordial - grape juice/coconut water

10pm - RX BAR 



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DAY 37 ! / APRIL 21, Tuesday // TESTING OATS

10 am - half an orange

Late Breakfast at Noon - half sweet potato w/ vanilla pods & 1/4 tsp Vanilla, Coffee :)

1:15 - Bowl of OATS - /Quaker Maple packet & 1/4 cup water + 1/4 cup Vanilla Pod Cream & dab of Ghee / YUM on cool Spring Morning!

3:15 - Nice cup of hot tea :)

3:45 - 1 chicken Sausage pattie w/ mustard & half an orange

6:45 - 2 cups of POPCORN as I cooked dinner, w/ dab of nuritional yeast

7:30 - tired after food prep / rested while meatloaf in oven / took BABY ASPRIN for sore neck/ shoulders & tiny headache, in back

8pm - DELICIOUS W30 Meatloaf, made w/ an old fav recipe / Pan cooked yellow Squash/onions w/ ghee / bit of melted MJ CHEESE

9pm - half RX Bar :)

*MAYBE will have another bowl of OATS before bed, just to test more.

*Today's notes - NO Cramps or tummy upset, BUT went more frequently, but feel good & healthy-  like detoxing
                             - Had to take BABY ASPRIN about 6 hours after eating OATS for neck/shoulder aches +
                                // Could Be entirely  UNRELATED TO Oats // But even so, not life changing, since I RARELY have Oats!

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I think I will continue testing GF Grains tomorrow (Wed) - OATS & RICE & CORN - and then do W30 Thursay & Friday.
Oatmeal for breakfast / Salmon patties w/ cornmeal & side of corn for Lunch / Popcorn snack / Rice/ turkey / veggies for Dinner 


Then Saturday will be AGAVE & Sunday will be BAI - (sugar alcohols)  / & monk fruit / & maybe brown & white sugar 


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DAY 38 ! / APRIL 22, Wednesday  // FIRST WEEK POST W30 DONE!

TESTED OATS / CORNMEAL > NO Cramps or tummy upset!


LUNCH - THAI SOUP / left over meatloaf & squash 3pm

Snack - cup of Tea // Collagen/banana Smoothie 6pm

Snack - 1 cup POPCORN 7pm while cooking / hungry

DINNER - 1.5 Salmon pattie w/ CORNMEAL / Lettuce Salad - from the Garden! w/ chopped apple & TJ Orange Vinegar / 8:30pm

Snack - RX BAR 9:30 

SNACK - 2 Cups POPCORN 10:30


I'll continue testing
 GF Grains tomorrow (Thursday) - OATS & RICE & CORN - and then do W30 Friday & Saturday.
Then Sunday will be AGAVE & Monday will be BAI - (sugar alcohols)  / & monk fruit / & maybe brown & white sugar 


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DAY 39 ! / APRIL 23, Thursday  // Into WEEK 2 of POST W30

Didn't get downstairs until noon - rainy morning / *lately, have been staying upstairs in the mornings & reading 


12:15 - OATMEAL / Coffee  // by 2pm - still No adverse effects :)

Late lunch will be - Garden Lettuce / Chicken Salad / side of cooked CORN 

Snack - Collagen Smoothie - Coconut water / 1/3 nana / 1/4 tsp almond extract 

                                                   - 2 Cups of

Dinner will be probably Pork Chops / RICE & veggies 

Snack - RX bar probably & maybe later a cup of POPCORN



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DAY 39 ! / APRIL 23, Thursday Cont.  // Into WEEK 2 of POST W30

I am noticing I'm more hungry between meals, since testing the GF GRAINS all this week.

Late Breakfast - 1 pm / OATMEAL & coffee

Snack -                2 pm/ 1 Cup of POPCORN

Late lunch -       3:30 pm About 8 small CORN CHIPS w/ 1/3 cup Whole Fresh Salsa  & half avocado // YUMMY!

                           - Garden Lettuce / Chicken Salad / W30 Mayo / raisins / curry powder, 2 Tbsp Almonds

Snack - 4:15 - nice cup of hot tea w/ Pod Cream :)

            - 5:15 - second cup of tea - so nice on this rainy, cool April afternoon / green forest / porch time + views from windows

            - 5:30 - half RX Bar :)

STILL NO TUMMY UPSET - after 5 days of GF GRAINS // Feel at peace / uplifted & well & sense of well being. :)

Tomorrow,  Will GO BACK TO W30 For 2 DAYS   :)                                               

Dinner tonight will be probably Pork Chops / RICE & CORN & Veggies 

Snack will probably be - Collagen Smoothie - Coconut water / 1/3 nana / 1/4 tsp almond extract 

                                           - & rest of RX Bar // OR maybe Frosty Flakes



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DAY 40 ! / APRIL 24, Friday // Into WEEK 2 of POST W30

BACK TO W30 today and tomorow :)

Enjoyed my lovely (half) sweet potato for breakfast & Coffee  / at 2pm - Still staying upstairs all morning :rolleyes:

Took me ALL morning to do an INstaCart order for groceries  :lol:

Stil feeling good & no major side effects from testing GF GRAINS this week.

4pm - Hearty Snack - half avocado / salsa / piece bacon w/ tomato // Happy girl!  // & some Chicken Salad 

Tonight will be left overs (turkey / pork chops) + squash / lettuce salad 

& Collagen Smoothie / RX Bar snack

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WEEK 1  - TESTED DAIRY - no issues that I'm aware of

WEEK 2 - from Sunday, 4-19 to Thursday 4-23, tested GF GRAINS separately & together. 

Though 00 tummy upset or cramps, realized on Friday:

-- Had Cravings for grains, whereas during the 30 days, was not an issue.

Friday & Saturday  - back to W30 for 2 days 

 However, Friday night - a slip up - gave in to grain craving & had some popcorn. 

And  Sunday, was doing well, back on W30 until 6pm, but then we had a grocery delivery & split an eclair w/ hubby :unsure: But I must say -

Worth it!:rolleyes:

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Meal Log Cont / WEEK 2 of TESTING

APRIL 24, Friday - BACK TO W30 for 2 Days
(half) sweet potato for breakfast & Coffee  / at 2pm - Still staying upstairs all morning 

4pm - Snack - half avocado / salsa / piece bacon w/ tomato // Happy girl! 

Later in afternoon - noticed - hungrier than usual & Cravings for more GRAINS!  - NOT an issue when in midst of W30!

6:30 Snack = some Chicken Salad / half apple / half Lara Bar - lemon

8:30pm - Turkey / half cup white rice* /  & gave in & had 2 cups POPCORN

9 to 9:30 - RX Bar #2! & cup of tea

11pm - half of Lara Bar

- Just not into cooking or eating today - until hungry late afternoon. / 00 sounded good, like when in midst of W30.
- I've decided to allow white RICE in moderate amounts, ongoing in my Journey


APRIL 25, Saturday - BACK TO W30 for today & yesterday // TESTING AGAVE ON SUNDAY


12:45 - my lovely half sweet potato & coffee

1:15 - one piece gluten-free pizza - crust made with rice flour // chicken sausage/onion/bell pepper / no cheese // pretty awful! ^_^

Nap - 3 to 4 pm / cool Spring afternoon / fire going on TV

4:30 - 5 - RX BAR - so good!

6pm - Grocery delivery came & hubby & I split an Eclair! WORTH IT! 

6:15 - Porch time & lovely cup of Tea! w/ vanilla pod cream & original cream

7:30 - exquisite Epsom Lavender soaking bath - felt so refreshed

9:15 - Green Chef delicious hamburger patty w/ sesame sauce / stir fry broccoli/bell pepper/cabbage // HASHBROWNS :) / W30 Catsup

11pm - 2/3 RX Bar #2!


Planning to start testng SUGARS Sunday!

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Still staying upstairs all morning  // ENJOYING APRIL AND VIEW OF FOREST / WINDOWS - AS IF IN TREE HOUSE!

2:30 - Half sweet potato / Cup of TEA w/ 1 TBSP AGAVE + pod cream

Note: No cramps or upset, but went potty several times today - even befoe having agave -- / Could be the broccoli/cabbage stirfry from last night?

So will test Agave again in the morning, then BAI & sugar alcohols

3:30 - Second Cup Of Tea w/ Tbsp AGAVE 

4:30 - Small snack - 1/4 cup chicken salad / celery/ almonds / few bites watermelon

6pm - Third Cup Of Tea w/ Tbsp AGAVE / porch time // a few bites watermelon

8pm - Hamburger pattie / lettuce / mustard / W30 catsup / 1/4 cup stirFry veggies w/ cashews on top

9:30 - Half an Eclair :rolleyes:

10:30 - half RX Bar

11pm - No tummy upset Or cramps. All is well since 4pm.

Feeling good & sense of well being //  full & satisfied & ready for bed and good sleep.

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APRIL 27, Monday / DAY 43 / TESTING AGAVE & BAI (alcohol sugars) TODAY

Still staying upstairs all morning  // ENJOYING FOREST BEAUTY - AS IF IN TREE HOUSE

Noon - downstairs / made Cup of Tea w/ 1 Tbsp Agave 

12:30 - Nana crepe & 1 piece bacon / sipping on Tea

Feeling Well! Uplifted & full & satisfied. 

Been down a Pinterest & Instagram rabbithole lately - inspired to do some cooking and interior design projects! 

Enjoying the Quiet days of social distancing - to a degree! No upheaval of going out of town, but just relaxing --

But miss being with my daughters and grandbaby terribly!!

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