Day 10. Do I have to start over?


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Hello !

It's been a few years since my last Whole 30 and I recently started (Apr 13) another round.  I reviewed some material on the site quickly before starting , just as a refresh , and have been feeling pretty good and having varried menus etc. After a month of horrible eating due to being in lockdown and essentially being in 'vacation mode' , I decided it was time to get things in order. 

Anyhow; I hit the grocery store a few nights ago after work (I work at a hospital so we are still working) and I was hungry and my blood sugar was off (makes me fuzzy headed) and I ended up buying some snacks because I saw they were complaint. Great news.  I didn't bother checking the rules cause I knew the ingredients were ok and I was too tired.  I didn't end up eating them that night, but cracked the bag open last night and had some sweet potato chips. Doing some research this am, I find that store bought chips are actually off plan (against the spirit of the plan) and so now I'm wondering if I have to start all over? I won't touch the rest of them now that I know (I admit that chips are a trigger food for me so I see the logic of not having even complaint versions) but does this require a restart? 

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Oh shoot!  That's a real bummer!

The decision to restart is entirely up to you.  It sounds like you are aware of how chips impact you and it also sounds like you did not eat the whole bag? ('won't touch the rest').

I would keep going and if you find that you are obsessing over the chips or they've created some other behaviors or feelings that you don't like, maybe just tack some days on to the end of your Whole30 to get the full 30 days without that trigger food.

As for your service in the hospital, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.  I think i speak for most when I say that you are a true hero and your sacrifice does not go unnoticed! 

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Thanks so much for the reply! 

Ya I didn't eat the whole bag so that's I guess a good sign. I was def craving salt and crunch tho so I feel like that's a bit of a mental cheat. I am hoping to do Whole 30 a little longer so I guess it's all a way in the end - although I really do want to be able to say I did it for 45 or 60 days 'for real' lol . I'm trying to dig into why I crave the snacks at night time so that I can rewire that habit. 


Thanks for the kind words about hospital workers; to be fair there are people in far more exposed roles than I am and they are the heros. It's encouraging though to see everyone doing their part. :)

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