Day 1, Round 5

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Hi from Houston! Today is day 1 of my 5th round. I’ve decided to start today because I’ve been steadily gaining weight since the end of last year. Menopause has reared its ugly had and I have a new diagnosis of RA (I’ve had Sjögren’s syndrome for almost 3 years). I feel like I need a reset.

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Hi! 5th round is impressive! I'm on day 14 of my second round. I definitely was feeling the need for a reset too. I was doing well in food freedom but I started to eat/drink things that weren't worth it when I was stressed. I've done mini resets occasionally, but I'm excited to reap the benefits of a full Whole30 round.

Do you think your RA or menopause symptoms are exacerbated by food? Hope you're feeling good today.


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