Cronic Sinusitis & Whole30

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I would like to find someone, who have healed cronic sinusitis using the Whole30 principles. I have done 30 days and my problems (headaches and toothaches) are better, but they are still present. My nose is far from to be clear. 

Is the Whole30 for this type of illness the right fit?

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I did! My doctor wanted to do a balloon sinuplasty procedure and I wanted to avoid having it done. I did whole 30 for 35 days.  This was probably the most helpful to cure it. However, I did oregano oil streams, acupuncture, and acupressure massages. When my ENT did my second x-ray to see if my sinus cavities cleared out (my sinus cavities were completely filled before I became aggressive in healing naturally) he was very surprised because he did not believe they would be able to without the procedure.  My seasonal allergies cleared up quite a bit because of my diet change and I'm figuring less inflammation were the key factors in helping. 

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I did whole 30 for 35 days and I don't feel the slightest difference in my sinusitis. I was really disappointed. This was one of my biggest hopes with whole30. I don’t really know what to say. I got better in other things, I no longer have a stomach ache, I discovered foods that make me very bad, etc. But sinus....still the same. Maybe I should try other thinks like teve acupuncture and oregano oil streams like Meli21

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